Well done everyone who decided to try out some of the WWII cookery recipes over the weekend (and mums, dads and grandparents too!) We have had a feast today of Savoury Charlotte made by Seb and dark sticky gingerbread made by Anya and Mia and also some gingerbread I made. Tomorrow we have more gingerbread and some chocolate oatmeal biscuits to look forward too. I hope you all enjoyed putting your instruction work in to practice and making these tasty treats.
Today we also had a visit from ‘granny Carey’ who was an evacuee in Eyemouth during WWII. The children had lots and lots of questions to ask her and she gave a really interesting talk on her experiences, including the day bombs were dropped over Eyemouth, childhood games she played and why house windows were covered in sticky tape. Mrs Carey also brought in two bags of sweets for the children to share which the class were surprised to learn amounted to two months rations of sweets during the war!

More WWII cookery and a visitor to class 3!

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