Aiming High!

During the first week of term, we all set ourselves challenges that we hoped to achieve.
Some of our ideas included learning to do a cartwheel, reading before going on an iPad and gaining swimming badges. This week I was impressed to see swimming badges from Leo and Flossie. I was also so impressed to receive this video….I think we can all guess what he hoped to do! Well done Farmer JC!

Stone Age Food

We enjoyed being hunters and gatherers using our ‘spears’ out on the field. We then had great fun completing Stone Age menus – would anyone care for any sabre tooth tiger burger with dandelion and caterpillar chips???! Perhaps nettle and blackberry crumble would be more to your taste!!! The children had fantastic ideas!!

A quick catch up…

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks in class 3…..

In English, we completed some fantastic blackout poetry linked to the war and Remembrance Day. I was so impressed with the children’s very sensible comments and amazing moving poems. The children really enjoyed this different style of work.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication. The children worked well to address their friend’s misconceptions and explain what needed to be altered – keep up the hard work on learnings those times table facts.

Can you explain the mistakes here?

Dare to Dream – Friday

We ended the week with a visit from Furry Friends Mobile Farm. Emma, Helen and Emma told us all about the animals they have, how many of them are rescue animals and the places they take them. It was amazing to watch the video of the ponies in the care homes and how happy they made people. After this, we got our own chance to handle some of the animals, it really was a brilliant session – thanks again for coming!

Dare to Dream – Thursday

On Thursday, Pippa’s Dad came to talk to us about Engineering. We found out about many of the projects he has worked on, from apartments to bridges and also about the company he currently works for near Bridlington. Before he left he set us our own engineering challenge to build a structure 15cm high which would balance an apple on the top, we had great fun and each team was successful!!