Spelling (Homework 17.9.21)

Spelling – This week we have focused on making sure we can spell the common exception words from year 1 and 2. We have used different spelling games and purple mash to help us learn some of the trickier spellings. Please spend some time this week (and every week) learning some of the spellings. Perhaps you could write your spellings in sand or use playdough to make the letters. Maybe you could type them on the computer or just write some with a pencil. Like we talked about in class, first we need to focus on the year 1/2 words that we still find tricky before moving onto the year 3/4 words.

Please remember, if spelling out the words verbally, we need to use letter names not sounds.

Below are both the year 1/2 and the year 3/4 words.

Please upload any work to seesaw so that I can see all your hard work!

The End of the School Year 2020/21

Well Class 3, another year is over and what a year it was! I am so proud of how well every single one of you handled another strange year – and how, despite everything, we have completed lots of hard work and had lots of fun!

Last Thursday afternoon you thought of some brilliant memories, from Freckles the turtle to a ‘virtual’ Viking battle, from our trip to Lapland to our exploding volcano and from Stanley and the plastic bag in the ocean to enjoying our Caribbean beach day. All fantastic memories which I will never forget.

I know I didn’t get to say it on the final day and now that we are nearly at the end of our isolation, I want to wish everyone a lovely Summer Holiday – stay safe, have fun and I will see everyone in September!

#makingmemories #class3 #teambrandesburton

Summer Learning Pack

Summer learning packs have been set to support children in continuing to read and practise key maths and writing skills over the holidays. There are also ideas linked to our themes for next term and outdoor exploration. 

The activities are not compulsory as we know that there are many ‘fun’ ways to incorporate reading, writing and maths into the holiday period -from calculating scores in games to following instructions in recipes!!

So please just enjoy your holidays and use the ideas when needed. 

In light of today’s school closure, you may wish to use some of the activities for home learning.

It’s Coming Home! (Homework)

Your homework this week, has to be football related…! 

🎶 Learn the National Anthem and sing it with pride at 8pm on Sunday evening

🎤 Annoy your friends and family by saying (or even better, singing) ‘it’s coming home’ every 5 minutes all weekend

😴  Stay up way past your bed time and watch England v Italy – even if it goes to extra time and penalties

📸 Post a match photo on seesaw so we can see you in all your football/party glory!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Japan, Japan, Japan…

This week we have begun to look at the country of Japan as part of our work on Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

For homework this week, can you find out some interesting facts about Japan?

Maybe you could find out about their lifestyle or sport in the country, perhaps you could make a list of popular food or find out about the Olympics that is going to happen later this month. I can’t wait to see what you find out on seesaw. Here is my interesting fact to start us off…