Home Learning – Friday 22.1.21

Some of the amazing work from the week….English…Maths…Science…Art…Theme….and much, much more!

Be proud of yourselves Class 3!

Right onto today, not as many tasks today as it is Friday and I like to give you some time for finishing off.

Daily Timetable

  1. Spelling Test
  2. Grammar/Sentence Structure
  3. Maths
  4. RE
  5. Finishing off
  6. Friday Treat

Today’s Challenges

Spelling  If you are in my spelling group, today we will have a spelling test of words linked to our spelling pattern. Please ask a grown up to test you on at least 5 of the spellings. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct, it is something we can all continue to practice throughout the year. A reminder of the words are below. Good Luck.

Phonics – I thought today we would recap both the ‘a’ long vowel sound and the ‘e’ long vowel sound by playing some online games. Choose a game and practise your sounds.




Sentence Structure and Grammar – Another Oak Academy session for our grammar work. Today, we are going to build on our work on simple sentences from last week and look at what compound sentences are. Remember to pause the videos and complete the tasks as you go along.


Maths – Today we are going to use our knowledge of measuring to explore some statements linking to our body. I would like you to choose one of the statements to explore – is it true or false? Use the people in your house to investigate. Upload your findings to seesaw.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-97-1024x629.png

Extension – When you have finished, can you think of your own true or false statement linked to parts of your body and use measurements to explore if it is true or false…

RE – If you fancy a spot of RE, Mrs Atkinson has sent us this…If we were in school, we would be looking at Faith Founders, starting with Guru Nanak and Sikhism. Click on the link below and find out about who he was and what he did.


If you want to find out more, I have added more information and some questions to seesaw.

Finishing Off Friday – Some of you may have a few bits from the week to finish off, if you do, please spend some time doing that today. I will archive all this week’s activities on seesaw on Sunday night so everyone can start a fresh on Monday. If you have done everything….which is the case for lots of you……..then it is onto the FRIDAY TREAT!!!!!

Friday Treat – Today for your treat, I would like you to wrap up warm and go for a walk, scoot or bike ride. Perhaps you could make your own scavenger hunt like Lara did earlier in the week or practise a new skill like Riley or find a massive puddle like Syrus!!!!

Have a lovely day and an fun weekend. See you on Monday x

Home Learning – Thursday 21.1.21

Wow Class 3 – amazing poems – your ideas were definitely better than mine! In school our amazing lines included….

I can’t wait to read some more of your poems today. Let’s get busy!

Daily Timetable

  1. Guided Reading – 20 minutes quiet reading plus task
  2. English – Writing the rest of our poem
  3. Maths- Metre/centimetre problem solving
  4. Theme – Exploring Anglo-Saxon Settlements
  5. PE – Dancestars!

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – Like we did last Thursday, I would like you to spend 20 minutes reading quietly to yourself or out loud to an adult. Set a timer on a phone or Alexa and get reading. When you have finished I would like you to re-design the front cover of your book based on what you have read so far. I can’t wait to see what books you have been reading. Post a photo on seesaw of your real cover and your new cover next to each other. Remember, if you want a new book to read, check out https://www.getepic.com/sign-in and use our class code HGP0707

English – Today we are going to complete the rest of our poems by writing the last two verses. Look carefully at the original poem – there are 3 verses about what is in the box – which you all wrote brilliantly yesterday, then a verse about what your box looks like (use your ideas from Monday for this part) and finally a verse about what you can do in the box. Watch my video below showing me writing the last two verses and then get busy writing yours.

Maths – Today we are going to continue to build on our knowledge of metres and centimetres and also try a spot of problem solving. Can you solve the problems linked to the heights of some children in a Year 3/4 class? (Information is also on seesaw)

Theme – So, we know where the Anglo-Saxons came from, why they came and the different kingdoms they created. Today we are going to look at how they settled and the different settlements they built. To start with, have a watch of this short video.

Ideas for your settlement


Today I would like you to design your own Anglo Saxon settlement. Use the cards below to design your settlement correctly – make sure you read them carefully. I have uploaded a template to seesaw if you wish to use it. For an extra challenge, you may wish to add a key to your map.

PE – A bit more dancestars for PE today. If you don’t fancy this, try Joe Wicks again or go for a walk and splash in some puddles!

I’ll catch up later on seesaw as I’m in school again today. Have a great day x

Home Learning – Wednesday 20.1.21

Class 3, I was so impressed with your work yesterday – over 100 posts received again!! Your sketching skills for the Art task was amazing and your language choices for your poem ideas were fantastic – I can’t wait to see your finished poems. Right, lets get started on today’s tasks…..

Daily Timetable

  1. English – Using our ideas to write some of our poem
  2. Maths- Metres and Centimetres
  3. Science – Reflective Materials
  4. French – Pets
  5. Well-Being Wednesday

Today’s Challenges

English – Today we are going to look at using all our fab ideas from yesterday to write our own poems using the style of the original poem. I would like you to take your ideas and turn them into the format of the poem. Press play to have a look at my example below and see how I have begun to group my ideas together and then get busy writing yours…

Maths – So, now we have looked at measuring in metres and centimetres, next we need to look at how they work together and can be equivalent measurements.Have a watch of the video below and pause it to complete the question on the sheet. Remember the questions get trickier as the sheet goes through so please just do as much as you can.

Science – Last week, after our introduction to light, you thought of some fab questions linked to the topic. One of the questions asked was ‘What surfaces reflect light?’ so I thought we would explore that this week.

To start with lets have a watch of this video to explain how reflective materials work.


Next, I would like you to see if you can find a torch/light and explore some different materials in your house. Can you sort them into those that reflect light and those that absorb light?

Now I would like you to help Matilda and I, Matilda got a new scooter for Christmas and she loves to ride it. However, it is very dark on a night and not very safe to ride. Can you design her a new safe scooter/clothing or scooter accessories so she can ride on a night? You will need to think about how she can be safe in both lit and unlit streets. I can’t wait to see your ideas. You may want to even use your own scooter or bike to show your designs.

If you would like to find out more about reflective materials, here is a lesson from Oak Academy .


French – Do you know the names of any animals in French? This week we are going to look at pet animals. Take a look at these images. Which names are similar or the same as in English? These will be the easiest one to learn. Which looks the most different? Challenge yourself to learn that one. Remember un or une means ‘a’. un is masculine and une is feminine

Now you can start to use some of the animal vocabulary in a sentence. Look at this image

What do you think the children are saying to each other?

The girl is asking if the boy has any pets and the boy replies that he has a dog.

Your task is to create some similar conversations. You can use any of the animals from the photos above. There is a speech bubble template on Seesaw or you can write your sentences and upload photos of your work.

Next, lets share a song…Mathurin’s farm https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhyg9mn/articles/z4nyvk7

Finally, if you want to consolidate your knowledge further, you can try this online game. Only some of it uses animal vocabulary but it is a fun way to recap on your French vocabulary generally.   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z74gcqt/articles/zyvnm39

Well-Being – We all know home learning is not easy and you will probably have some tricky moments. Today I would like you to make a ‘You Are’ jar to use at those tricky times. Cut up some small pieces of paper and write down some positive things about yourself, then pop them in a jar to choose from and read when you need to. I’ll get you all started with one….I AM SMART…I CAN DO IT!

Have a lovely day. I am in school again today so I might be a little late approving and commenting on posts – but I will get to them so get uploading!

Home Learning – Tuesday 19.1.21

To start with a massive shout out to the birthday girl today….I will see you at school with my singing voice!!! Have a lovely day!

More amazing work yesterday Class 3 – over 100 pieces of work for me to look at and approve on seesaw! I was so impressed with your English work, you have made some amazing language choices and your box designs were so brilliant. Big shout out to Leo who made his box himself out of wood and used a power drill for the screws! (I think it was a drill – DIY is not a strong point of mine!!) and also to Ruby who filmed herself reading her poem with amazing expression. I was also really impressed with your fantastic Maths work which lots of you displayed using Pic Collage – I am so impressed with how well you are all using the app – great computing skills as well as Maths – SUPERSTARS!

Right, onto today….

Your daily checklist…..

  1. Spelling / Phonics
  2. English –Planning our poem
  3. Maths – Measuring
  4. Art – Sketching jewellery
  5. Music

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – My spelling group, please continue to practice the spellings given yesterday, perhaps you could complete the wordsearch, the dominoes or write some sentences containing our spelling words today. I’m in school today and I thought we would use them to play hangman – maybe you could do the same?

Phonics – Mrs Prince’s phonics group, today I would like you to explore another long vowel ‘e’ sound – ‘e_e’. Watch this video to see some examples…

Next, can you spot and write down any e_e words in this picture…

English – Today we are going to plan some more of our poem by brain storming what we are going to put into our box. Have another quick look at this part of the poem, the items inside are all described to paint a picture inside the reader’s head. Try to include some strange items in your box, items that don’t quite make sense – like the ‘cowboy on a broomstick’ . Consider the questions below to help you think of your ideas.

Today I just want your to think of ideas and then tomorrow we will start to put them in order. I have added a template to seesaw which may be useful. I can’t wait to see your ideas. You will need either 6 or 9 ideas to follow the pattern of the poem.

MathsToday we are going to continue to work on measuring, focusing on measuring accurately using centimetres. Unfortunately there are no white rose videos, like we used last week, for this part of the unit, so I have saved some questions to seesaw for you to work through and discuss with a grown up at home. As an extra challenge, can you upload some photographs to show you using a ruler accurately? Can you add the measurement in cm?

Art – To continue our work on Anglo Saxon jewellery, today we are going to look closely at some pieces of jewellery, discuss the pieces and then have a go at sketching some of them.

Firstly, take a look at these pieces, use the questions to think about the pieces of jewellery and talk about them at home. If you want to write down your ideas, you could add them as a text box or a note on seesaw but I’m happy if you just talk about it and then do the sketching part of the task (see below)

Next, I challenge you to try to use your drawing skills to sketch each piece.

I can’t wait to see your drawings.

Music – Today we will use the next lesson from Oak Academy focusing on pulse. We really enjoyed the lesson in school last week so I hope this one is just as good.


Have a great day!

Mrs A x

Home Learning – Monday 18.1.21

Hi Class 3, I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed some fun family time. I loved the photos on Friday afternoon of Lego building, bun baking and beach exploring – well done for doing something you enjoy!

As promised, here is the video of your amazing Magic Box poems. I enjoyed watching them so much!

Amazing work!

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme

Today’s Challenges

Spelling/Phonics – I thought we would do spellings / phonics today in order to give you a little longer to practice the words/sounds throughout the week.

If you are in my spelling group, this week’s spelling pattern is words with a short ‘u’ sound spelt ‘ou’ for example, tough, cousin, trouble. Please practise words with this spelling pattern this week…you may want to complete the loop cards or wordsearch (saved on seesaw)…or practise your spellings through the 2Do saved on Purple Mash…or write some sentences with the words in. I will schedule another spelling time tomorrow so you can complete another activity.

As last week, I will be asking your grown up to test you on the spellings listed here on Friday (the words used on purple mash are slightly different but use the same spelling pattern)

Phonics – This week Mrs Prince’s group will look at the long vowel sound for ‘e’ – we already know the sound ‘ee’ and today we will be looking at ‘ea’. Have a watch of the video below.

Next, see if you can read the postcard below (also saved to seesaw) can you highlight the ‘ea’ words? Can you spot any other words that make the long vowel sound ‘e’? Can you work out another ‘e’ spelling pattern that we will look at tomorrow?

English – So Class 3, today we are going to start writing our own Magic Box poems. To find out your task you can either watch the video of me below or read on to find out. I can’t wait to see this part of your poem.

So, we are going to start by designing our own boxes. This could simply be by drawing your design or if you wanted you could get a bit creative and make your own box. When you have created it, I would like you to think carefully about how you will describe your box in the poem. Have a look at this part of the poem. Can you use some detailed adjectives and some great description to describe your box…what is it made of, what is on the lid, how does it open? I can’t wait to see what you create and write.

Maths – We are going to move on from Multiplication (but keep practicing those times tables) to look at a different mathematical area this week. I wanted something a little practical that you could get busy with so I thought today we would start to look at Length.

To start with today, I would like you to find a ruler or a tape measure. If you cannot find one at home, perhaps you could make your own. Then I would like you to find some items to measure. Can you record their measurements and then sort them into items that measure more than a metre and less than a metre? You could maybe use pic collage or add photos to a page on seesaw to show the measurements and sort photographs of each item.

Theme – So last week we found out that the Anglo Saxons came to Britain as their own land was flooded. Anglo-Saxon Britain wasn’t ruled by one person and the Anglo-Saxons were not united. Today, I would like you to find out about the different kingdoms that were created. Use the map here, an atlas and the internet to find out.

Can you label your own map (uploaded to seesaw) and then answer the challenge questions? Think carefully about how you can use an internet search engine to help with your answers.

Have a lovely day. Go get busy! Mrs Altoft x

Home Learning – Friday 15.1.21

Wow Class 3 – We have got to the end of the first full week of home learning – I can honestly say WELL DONE – you have all worked your socks off and tried so hard. I have decided on a Friday not to post too many tasks so I can give everyone a chance to catch up and be ready to start a fresh on a Monday morning. I will also post the oh so important Friday treat – which you definitely deserve!

Your work this week has been soooo good and has made me smile – especially yesterday’s English challenge – I loved to see how you had roped in brothers and sisters to help – I hope you all enjoyed doing it! Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to get a bit technical and put them all into one big video to share on the blog – watch this space! Your game ideas were also amazing – keep them safe and when this is all over hopefully we can all bring them into school to play them together.

Here is a few photos of some of the fab work I have received over the past few days…..can you spot yours?

Freddie baked the cake in the photo!!!!

Are you impressed? I certainly am!!

One final big shout out to Ruby who did an online first aid course this week and now knows how to put someone in the recovery position!

Right onto today….

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Maths
  4. Finishing off Friday
  5. Friday Treat

Today’s Challenges

Spelling/Phonics – If you are in my spelling group, today we will have a spelling test of words linked to our spelling pattern. Please ask a grown up to test you on 5 of the spellings. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct, it is something we can all continue to practice throughout the year. A reminder of the words are below. Good Luck.

Phonics – If you are in Mrs Prince’s phonics group, today we are going to look at another long vowel sound for ‘ai’ – ay. The ‘ay’ sound it often found at the end of a word for example Monday, play, stay, away. Have a watch of the video to practice this sound. As an extra challenge can you write some sentences with some ‘ay’ words in?

Sentence Structure and Grammar – Like a normal Friday, here is your sentence structure and grammar session. Today we are looking at simple sentences. This will be a bit of a recap from Autumn Term but we can build on it as the weeks progress. So, listen carefully to the instructions, pausing when you are asked and completing the activities as you go along.


When you have finished the video, upload your notes and sentences to seesaw so I can see how you got on.

Maths – As a bit of consolidation for multiplication this week, please access the websites below. Think carefully about which tables you choose to practice in order to ensure you are challenging yourself. Depending on which device you are using, some sites may not work, if this is the case, please access the multiplication games on purple mash or do some practice on times tables rockstars.








Finishing off Friday – Some of you may have a few bits from the week to finish off, if you do, please spend some time doing that today. Sorry if you struggled to access the Theme task yesterday, I fell asleep with Matilda and forgot to upload the template! Thanks to Freddie who emailed to remind me!! It is still saved on the activities if anyone didn’t get chance to do it.

If you have done everything….which is the case for lots of you……..then it is onto the FRIDAY TREAT!!!!!

FRIDAY TREAT….It is cold and wet outside, so do something you enjoy…snuggle down with a DVD, play a family board game, challenge yourself to build with some Lego, play with your new Christmas presents….whatever you choose….ENJOY IT, you deserve it – you have worked hard this week!

PARENTS – You also deserve to do something you enjoy…so enjoy a cuppa (or something stronger!!!) Seriously, well done and thank you – I know its not easy but you are all doing great!!!

See you Monday x

Home Learning Thursday 14.1.21

First off, a massive Happy Birthday to Jacob for today….I hope you have a lovely day!

More amazing work yesterday guys, you clearly understand the poem well and you had no problems with the Maths – well done!! Bit of a fun day for you today, performing…designing…making….researching….dancing….you will be busy but hopefully you will enjoy yourself as well! I can’t wait to see what you get upto!

Grab a grown up and get reading today’s challenges….Or read them yourself…its all good reading practice!

Daily Timetable

  1. Guided Reading – 20 minutes quiet reading time
  2. English – a spot of acting / performing
  3. Maths – making a game
  4. Theme – research questions
  5. PE – Dancestars/Joe Wicks

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – Remember the book you chose last week and began to read. To start with today, I would like you to spend 20 minutes reading it. Set a timer on a phone or Alexa and get reading. If you are a year 3, I know last year, you used the website ‘Epic’ to read online. I think I have managed to set the class up on it this year (i say think because I haven’t used it before!!) The log in details can be found below. Let me know how you get on!

English – Fab work yesterday Class 3, you are really understanding the poem. One more challenge linked to the original poem today, before we start to plan, write and perform our own poems. Today I would like you to choose part of the poem and perform it. You can do this by using the video icon on seesaw. Feel free to have a bit of fun with your recording – you might want to rope in other members of the family or even add some props from the poem or even costumes…have fun with it! Here is Maisie and Matilda’s quick effort…..

Maths – Let’s start with another active song…


Next, to further work on our multiplication skills I would like you to make your own multiplication game. You will find some ideas below. Have a look around the house to see what you can find to use, choose a times table to focus, or you might focus on more than one times table and create a game. When your game is finished grab someone to play your game with. I can’t wait to see photographs of your ideas and of you playing your game. Maybe we could use your ideas in the maths area when we return to school.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 19B4A930-68AC-447D-BB33-DF425F1A388F-683x1024.jpeg

Theme – So now that we all have passports and we are real Anglo Saxons or Vikings. We are going to find out some more about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they came to Britain. To start off with, watch these two short videos.



So, what did you find out? Imagine you are this Anglo Saxon man, can you answer his questions?….watch the videos again to help you and then type your answers to the template I have added as an activity on seesaw (using text boxes for your answers) If you are struggling with the activity and text boxes just write your answers and upload a photo, either way is fine. Remember to use first person ‘I’ because you are being the man.

PE – Dance – Another Dancestars video for you to follow today. This week’s theme is Musicals. Enjoy

If you don’t fancy Dancestars. Have a go at Joe Wicks like Ruby and Jack have done.

Have a great day x

Home Learning – Wednesday 13.1.21

I quick video from me to start off this morning (I’m wearing the hoody I described in my riddle last week!!) Hope you are all ok and ready to get busy with some more home learning….

Today’s Challenges

Your daily checklist…..

  1. English – Looking closely at the poem
  2. Maths – Using our times table skills
  3. Science – Light and Dark
  4. French – Greetings
  5. Well-being Wednesday – Scavenger Hunt

English – Today we are going to continue to look at the poem ‘The Magic Box’. Have another read through the poem then work on answering the questions below. Either use the note tool on seesaw to write down your answers or write on a piece of paper and upload to seesaw.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-49.png

Maths – Let’s start today with some active times table practice, can you join in with this….


Right, let’s apply some of these multiplication skills…you have got some problems to solve today. You can choose one of the problems or both. You will need to do lots of trial and error. Even if you don’t get the answer – you will have practiced your times tables!

Investigation 1. (the cards are saved on seesaw if you wanted to cut them out but you can easily just write each one down.) Choose one to start with – can you sort them so they move around in a loop – for example, 3 x 6 = 18 – 3 = 15 etc.

Investigation 2 – Can you use the information you have to work out Mum’s age – remember to read the facts carefully.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-38.png

Light Bulb clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla

Science – Our Science theme for this term is Light and Sound. We are going to start by looking at Light. Before we start, have a think what you would like to find out. Note your questions and ideas down and keep them safe. At the end of the unit we will see if we have found out the answers. Right lets get started…

Follow this video through pausing when asked to complete the different mini tasks.


French Continuing our French learning last term, have a listen to this French song.


Can you remember the different greetings we learnt? Use the words below from the song to help you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-41.png

Next see if you can join in this song….


Finally, can you have a conversation with someone at home using these words and phrases? Ask them how they are feeling? Can you tell them how you are feeling?

Wellbeing Wednesday -A bit of fun to finish the afternoon, your challenge is to go on a scavenger hunt…can you find items for each of the criteria? Upload a photo of all your items so I can see what you found….

Have a lovely day.

Home Learning Tuesday 12.1.21

Good Morning Class 3, you made an amazing start to the week yesterday, I can’t wait to see what you get busy with today….No video from me today – I was too tired after a day in school and then approving over 100 pieces of work on seesaw and writing this last night….So it’s straight over to you……Here are the amazing passports I received yesterday…you all make fab Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Today’s Challenges

Rather than a video, today I have done a quick overview of today’s expectations…

It may be useful to refer back to this towards the end of the afternoon to check you have completed everything

  1. Spelling or Phonics
  2. English – Illustrate the poem
  3. Maths – Multiplication – You can choose your starting point
  4. Art – Exploring pattern
  5. Music – Exploring Pulse

Spellings / Phonics – If you are in my spelling group our spelling pattern this week is ‘y’ making the ‘i’ sound in words such as myth, pyramid, mystery and hymn.

Please practise words with this spelling pattern this week…you may want to complete the cross word (saved on seesaw)…or practise your spellings through the 2Do saved on Purple Mash…or write some sentences with the words in. I will be asking your grown up to test you on the ten spellings listed here on Friday (the words used on purple mash are slightly different but use the same spelling pattern) so it may be useful to practice each day.

If you are in Mrs Prince’s phonics group, you are going to be learning some phase 5 sounds this week. Please watch the two videos focusing on the ‘a’ long vowel sound – you have already learnt ‘ai’ and now will be introduced to a_e.

Watch this video and then see if you can find any a_e words around your house. Can you write down the words for me? I wonder how many items you can find.

English – Today we are going to build on the work we started yesterday using the poem ‘The Magic Box’. Today I would like you to read through the poem yourself and draw illustrations to go with the poem. If you have a printer, you could print off the poem and draw your pictures around it, if not just read the poem below and draw pictures to show what he puts inside then upload a photo to seesaw. If you wanted to be a little more creative, you could even draw the box with the items inside. I will leave it up to you – I can’t wait to see how you decide to complete your challenge. The pictures below might give you some ideas….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-49.png

Maths – I was really impressed with your multiplication practice yesterday so I thought we would complete some more work focusing on some different times tables and also recapping division. Just like yesterday, I would like you to watch the video and complete the questions as you work through. However, today, I am going to give you a bit of a choice, like we often do in class, as to where you think you need more practice.

One video and questions will continue to focus on the 3x times table and division facts, one the 4x times table and division facts and the third on the 8x table and division facts. Think about how you found yesterday’s work – do you need more practice on the same times table as yesterday, or are you ready to move on. I have uploaded each one as a separate activity to seesaw so you can choose which to complete. I can’t wait to see where you decide your challenge will be.

Remember the sheet gets trickier as it goes along – so just try as much as you can. Good Luck!

Art – For Art our Art topic we are going to investigate Anglo Saxon jewelry and hopefully try to make some of our own. Below are some images of jewelry in the style of Anglo-Saxons. What do you notice about the shapes and patterns in the pieces? Please discuss your ideas with someone at home.

Your challenge today is to see if you can find any patterns in your home. You might need to look very closely at things. When you find something, I would like you to take a photograph of it on a tablet or a phone. When you have taken a few photographs, I would like you to create a photo collage of your images. Pic Collage is the free app we use in school but there are many others available. (Please ask a grown up before downloading any apps, the app will be very useful for a number of activities during home learning.) If you don’t have a device available please see the extension below…

Extension – Can you sketch some of the patterns and shapes you found? (If you are unable to take photos please sketch and colour what you find)

I sent my girls on a quick look around my house and this is what they found…

Music – This unit is based upon Duration and the first lesson focuses on Pulse, click on the link below and work through the video.


Have a great day. Mrs A

Home Learning Monday 11.1.21

Morning Class 3, I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed some family time together. We all had a go at ‘Draw with Rob’ as a family. Can you guess who’s drawing is whose?

I was really impressed with all your work on Friday, I loved seeing your timelines, I saw some very cute baby photos! Big shout out to Jacob, whose timeline took up the whole living room and both Leo and Ruby who made a video to show their fab work. Have a look below to see just a snippet of the work…

Well done guys! Right, now for today’s work….

Today’s Challenges

I wonder what is in the Magic Box?

English – Today we are going to start a new English Unit, I thought seeing as we worked so hard on ‘The Sound Collector’ poem, we would have a look at some more poetry. To link to our theme ‘Buried Treasure’, the poem is called ‘The Magic Box’ here is our Viking with his magic box!

Today I would like you to have a listen to the poem using the link below. I have attached a copy of the poem to an activity on seesaw so you can follow along.


You have two challenges today –

  1. Discuss the poem with a grown -up, are there any words you do not know the meaning of? Can you write me a list of unknown words from the poem and use a dictionary or the internet to find out what they mean.
  2. Can you answer the following questions about the poem….

Maths – This week we are going to look at times tables and practice our skills.

Year 3s – Have a watch of the video uploaded to seesaw to practise your skills using the 3 times table, pause the video as required and complete the questions. The worksheet you need is attached to the activity as well. You can either print the sheet to complete it, use paper and upload a photo or complete it in seesaw using the text boxes. Let me know how you get on by adding a comment to your work underneath it. Year 4s, you have a different video and worksheet looking at consolidating the 2, 4 and 8 times tables.

The questions do get trickier as they go through so just see how you go, you could always use counters (lego pieces or even pieces of pasta) to create an array to help you.

Theme/Computing – Today we are going to start our Anglo-Saxon and Viking theme… by travelling back in time and becoming a real Anglo-Saxon or Viking. Use the picture below to create your own Anglo-Saxon or Viking name and then complete your own passport to the past.

You may need to do a bit of research on the internet to answer some of the sections and the websites below may be useful.



Both the above sites have lots of useful questions at the bottom of the page to click on.

Sorry if I am a little late approving your posts on seesaw today and tomorrow as I am in school again with the key worker children.

Have a great day x

PARENTS – Please look out for a parent letter with some further advice and suggestions. Please email me with any feedback or suggestions class3brandesburton@gmail.com