Super Sports Week!


Wow Class 3 – what a sporty lot you are!! Another fab week – well done!!



Lots of videos today….


Massive shout out to Lucy’s Grandma who did all of the dances!


Friday Treat

So next week is our last week of the school year and we have lots of fun activities planned for you all. I wanted to share a special Friday treat with you today, a sort of end of term present. I can’t believe what a strange year it has been, I’m sad it wasn’t a real year. You are such a great cohort and I really have loved teaching you.

So here is a special poem I wrote for you all. I have also printed out a copy for you which you will get when you collect your books.

To go alongside your poem, as another treat, I would like you to do some thing that makes you happy. It might be some colouring, a bike ride, watching a movie, playing lego…whatever you enjoy! Let me know what you do by uploading a photo to seesaw.

Have a fab weekend xxx

Class 3 Rule Lockdown 2020

Creative Class 3!

Wow!! Another amazing week Class 3 – I was so impressed with everything this week….take a look yourself at just a small selection of all our work….

Monday – 45 posts!

Tuesday – 72 posts!

Wednesday – 38 posts!

Thursday – 51 posts!

Friday Treat

It definitely looks like everyone has enjoyed art week this week, so for your Friday Treat here are some more fun art activities….Check out the first website, there are lots of fun things to explore online….I particularly enjoyed the spiral and the build games.

Or how about trying out some origami?

Or last but not least, how about getting your felt pens out for a bit more of Draw with Rob or drawing like another amazing illustrator Nick Sharratt….I can’t wait to have a go in school!

Next Week’s Theme..

It would not be a Summer Term at Brandesburton School without a Sports Week , so next week is our SPORTS WEEK…I can’t wait to see what fun you get up to!

Perfect Picnic Week…

WOW….Picnic Week definitely inspired Class 3…I am sooooo impressed. Check out some of the amazing work that was uploaded to seesaw….





Friday Treat

I was so impressed….so as your Friday Treat, I thought I would give you a few choices…

  1. If you haven’t already had a picnic this week…it’s a must!! You cannot celebrate National Picnic Week without a picnic so pack your lunch and head outside to the garden, the beach or the woods…socially distanced of course!
  2. All picnic-ed out, how about some family board games…if you fancy a new challenge, these two games might be fun, who can you find a way through the maze first by answering the questions?
Image preview

3. Or how about a quick Science Experiment…Can you create Magic Milk?

Next Week’s Theme…Creative Arts Week

Sharpen your pencil crayons, dig out your paints…its creative arts week! Hope you have fun!

‘Into the Woods’ with Class 3!


Wow Class 3, it looks like you seriously enjoyed our ‘Into the Woods’ week, I received so many amazing pieces of work – from tricky maths involving trees and giant feet to best friend monsters and parts of plants. I was seriously impressed – here is your review of the week…





Plus lots of other fab work uploaded…

A massive, massive well done!!

YOUR FRIDAY TREAT…(3 treats actually!)

You definitely deserve a class treat this week! So, you’ve got not one, not two but three treats to explore…..

  1. To celebrate 30 days of wild, this weekend the Wildlife Trust is holding…

Click on the link to find out more,

2. Another activity which is also happening this weekend is the…

Click on the link to take part. fbclid=IwAR0R8g0z9erTi7RHG5w7maGtnptker0Jcg_m48ccVbxo-0gD23n-0Ojzo5g

3. It doesn’t look like the weather is going to be too good today, so as a treat I challenge you to make a ‘pillow/cushion fort’!!!! Have fun. Here is ours from last night!


Have a great weekend!

Under the Sea Roundup!


Wow Class 3 – the change of the blog certainly didn’t phase you – I received so much work! Here is just a tiny snippet of it all….

I have to start with this video… It made me smile so much on Monday….

Next up a very, very, very long collage of lots of your fab work…

I received so many amazing Something Fishy Videos – I just had to share them….

Class Treat

Well done – your much deserved Class treat is detailed below!

I thought you could enjoy some drawing as a family…we did some earlier in the week using this website and had great fun, Maisie was better than me!!!

Here are two of the drawings you can have a go at but if you click on the link below them there are lots more to choose from…I’d love to see your finished pictures.

Advance Sneak Preview for next week…Into the Woods

Next week’s theme is based on ‘Into the Wild’ an initiative that the Wildlife Trust is running through the month of June. You can receive a free pack full of lots of activities using the link below. It has got lots of fab ideas!

Hope you enjoy. Have a fab weekend. See you next week.

Home Learning 5.6.20 (Friday)

IMPORTANT…Final details about the new blog below…..(Sneak Preview)

Class 3 – Such fab work and ideas were seen yesterday – brilliant cartoons and text messages, dances and you are clearly photography superstars!! It looks like you all had fun with this challenge! We also had great fun doing the photography challenge in school…can you spot me on this one!!!

Have a look at some of the amazing photos I received…

I also received these fab videos….

Great work from everyone….

Advance Notice – NEXT WEEK

So, today will be the last time we do the blog like this and next week we move to our new whole school blog. I’m sure it will still be as much fun and you will be set lots of great activities from all our teachers…just as a little secret….I will tell you what next week’s theme is…Under the Sea!

The reason we have chosen this, is because on Monday it is World Ocean Day and lots is happening…Have a look at the link below to see what is going to take place and the different times they will happen. For example, you can learn to breathe like a dolphin, listen to stories or try some yoga. You might even want to dress in blue especially for the day? If you do take part in anything, please remember to post it on seesaw so I can see!

Some of the things you might like to try, click on the link to find out when many others are happening on Monday.

Today’s Challenges

Just one task and our Friday treat today, just to give anyone a chance to finish off things before the weekend.

Design – For our final piece of Technology work, I would like you to design a meal for me! You don’t need to actually cook it (you could if you wanted to!) but it must contain foods from all the different food groups.

Can you find out what the main food groups are? Use these groups to plan your meal. Try to make sure your meal has the right balance of each group. If you want to include a pudding and a drink that would be lovely (no coffee or leeks though I don’t like them!)

Friday Treat – Reflect – So as I said this will be the last time I will post activities like this on the blog. I am feeling both happy and sad when I think about all the fab things we have done. The challenges that stick in my mind are Brandesburton Got Talent, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Disney art, sandwich making, rockets and the alien spaceship in my garden!!

Which activities have you enjoyed?

For your treat today, I want you to sit down with a drink and a snack and have a look through all your posts on seesaw or on the blog, which activities did you like best? Remember to ‘like’ the posts so I can see which you enjoyed. If you wanted to, you could really test your IT skills and screen shot your favourites, crop the photos and make a piccollage to show me your ‘best moments’ or our ‘best blog moments’.

Maybe sit and look with the grown up who has helped you to achieve all of this, and as you look, thank them for all the help they have given you.

I must also THANK YOU to you guys…Class 3, you have all been great…you have definitely made lockdown FUN! I personally think of all the blogs, ours has been the best!!! I can’t wait to see even more fun through our new whole school approach…keep working hard, uploading to seesaw and remember to check on here next Friday when I will post a round up of the week and another Friday treat!!!

Stay Safe #Class3rule #TeamAltoft

Home Learning 4.6.20 (Thursday)


Yet more brilliant home learning Class 3! I saw so many brilliant 3D shapes and super answers to the Geography challenge. I hope everyone enjoyed a film or a chill out with some music. Here is a selection of the fab work I received….

Cutest photo award has to go to Dexter with his party hat made by Freddie!

I also received some very clever videos….

And a massive 3D shape from Leo!

I received nearly 70 posts on seesaw yesterday – well done!

IMPORTANT – New ‘Home Learning Blog’ starting next week

As I explained earlier in the week, on Monday we will be changing the way we run the Class Blogs. We will move to a whole school ‘Home Learning’ blog that will be followed both in school and at home. It will be found in the same place on the school website as the Class 3 blog and will be called ‘Home Learning’.

There will be 3 activities set each day by different members of staff all based around one theme. Some activities will be differentiated across key stages others will be differentiated by outcome. Feel free to adapt and change if you need to. I wonder if you will be able to tell which activities I have posted?

As the posts will be written by different members of staff, I will be unable to post many of them as activities on seesaw but you can check the new blog and then add your work to seesaw using the + so I can see what you have done.

Please do keep uploading your completed work to seesaw as I want to see what you have been doing but also on a Friday I will post a celebration of the whole week back on our own class blog so you can see what everyone else has been doing. I might also post our normal Class 3 Friday Treat (if you work hard enough!)

PARENTS – I hope all this makes sense, please email me or message on seesaw (just add your message on a note and I will reply) if you are not sure of anything.

Right, back to today…

Today’s Challenges

English – I thought we would complete a bit more work using the ‘Teeth’ short film but today I am going to give you a choice of two activities.

Choice 1 – Watch the film again and think carefully about how this would look as a cartoon strip or an animation! Your challenge today is to turn it into a cartoon!

You can choose to draw your cartoon strip, use 2animate on purple mash or you might like to try using lego like Lachlan did earlier in the week.

If you want to draw, have a look at the images below for some ideas. Think about how you can show the teeth splashing into the water and what the two men might say to each other using speech bubbles. I can’t wait to see your creative designs….

Choice 2 – Imagine you are one of the old men and you are back home after your long day…you are texting another friend to tell them about what happened. Can you use the website to write what he would say about the day. It is the same site we used when we did our work on George’s Marvellous Medicine and I have added a recap of how to use it to the activity on seesaw. I can’t wait to see your ideas – no swearing!

Art – Photography – Today I thought we would have a little bit of fun experimenting with taking photographs and the different skills you can use. Over on seesaw I have uploaded some different challenge cards for you to try. You don’t have to complete them all, just the ones that you find interesting. You could maybe complete them as a whole family and see who can create the best photo. Try to add you creations to a pic-collage so I can see what you have been doing. Here are a few examples of the cards, these and more are posted on seesaw!…

PE – Today for PE we are lucky enough to have another Dance Session from Clare…Can you keep up with this one? I’m in school today so I will join in too, I wonder if I can make it to the end!

Have a great day…have fun!

Home Learning 3.6.20 (Wednesday)

Class 3 I must start with saying thank you so much for my lovely treats yesterday…you are so kind…they were very yummy!!! Mike took a sneaky picture of me eating a piece!!

You all did so well with yesterday’s challenges. I loved your shape pictures. You thought of very creative ways of doing the more trickier shapes. I didn’t know a 50 pence piece was a heptagon! I must share Pippa’s fab video with you, another person who has become very good at making videos while you have all been at home…

Your Geography work was so good, I have turned it into a challenge below! I loved this photo of Nancy and Arthur completing this task…fab home learning guys!

Today’s Challenges

Maths – After all your fab Maths yesterday, I thought we would keep with this subject and move straight onto 3D shapes. I have added a matching pairs game to Seesaw if you want to recap the names of the shapes. This video may also be useful…

Today I would like you to make some 3D shapes at home and photograph them adding name labels and annotations to describe them. Can you tell me the number of faces, edges and vertices? For example….

You might want to use playdough, card, construction toys, cocktail sticks, lollysticks, things in the garden, junk modelling, or even spaghetti and marshmallows. I can wait to see which shapes you do and what materials you use!

Geography – Today’s challenge is made by yourselves! Can you use an atlas and the internet to find out which countries everyone researched yesterday?

Well-being Wednesday – Today I thought we would have a bit of a quiet, relaxing well-being activity (Just to give your parents chance for a cup of tea!) Can you complete one, or both of these activities?

They are designed to get you thinking a little bit whilst doing something you enjoy at the same time…have a look at them both, which takes your fancy?

I have also added some mindfulness colouring to seesaw for you to complete while you are listening to your song or watching your movie. Have a lovely chill out and relax!

Home Learning 2.6.20 (Tuesday)

Class 3, it was fab to see so many of you back online yesterday. I was really impressed last night when I sat down to read and watch all of your story endings. So many good ideas, from sharks, to dentists, from old boots to toffees, you had thought of it all!! You also know lots about teeth…Well done guys! Have a look and a watch for yourself….

Teeth’ Endings

Videos…First up Nancy and Arthur…Great film guys, more oscar winning acting!

Phoebe next…Glad to see you roped Isabel in!

Alasdair and Lachlan have been filiming again…Look out for Nessie in this one!

Finally, this animation is so clever…I love the way the divers ‘disappear into the water!’

Facts about Teeth

Today’s Challenges

Maths – This week we are going to tackle the shape objectives from the maths curriculum, starting with 2D shapes.

1.How many 2D shapes can you name? Can you use the shape cards on seesaw to match up the shapes and their names – perhaps you could play it like a matching pairs game with someone at home?

2. Can you use mathematical language to describe any of the shapes below? Think about the number of sides, the lengths of the sides and the size of the angles – are all the angles the same? Perhaps you could describe one for someone else to guess?

3. Can you to go on a shape hunt? I would like you to take photos of 2D shapes around your house and annotate the photos using mathematical language to describe them? Perhaps you could use pic collage to add your annotations or maybe write your annotations on a piece of before you take the photo and then upload it straight to seesaw.

Try to think about the number of sides, the lengths of the sides and the number of angles when adding your annotations….I wonder what you will find around your house? Can anyone find an octagon or a pentagon?

Geography – So far in Geography this term we have looked at where in the world different food comes from, today we are going to look closely at different countries and complete some research using atlases and the internet. Can you choose a country and find out the following information about it? Don’t include the name of your country on your information as I will post some of your fact files tomorrow and then we can see if we can work out other people’s countries…

Good Luck searching….(both on the internet for facts and around your house for shapes!)

Home Learning 1.6.20 (Monday)

I hope you all had a fab half term holiday and enjoyed the sunshine!! I also hope you are ready for some more fab home learning?!?!

If you can remember back to your last set of challenges…they were all about sandwiches. Class 3 I was so impressed, if I had known you were so good at making bread and sandwiches I would have had you making my lunches everyday since September!! Here is the proof of your fab skills…

I must also show you Leo’s fab video…it made me smile!! (make sure you have the sound on)

This half term….

So, today we should be in school starting the last half term of Class 3 and I am really gutted this will not be happening. However, more children will be returning to school over the next few weeks and so will I, along with most of our teachers. Because we are returning, it would be very tricky to keep going with each class blog so this will be the last week it will work like this and we will move to a more whole school approach next Monday.

I will post more details of this as the week progresses, for now, lets get on with a fab week of learning….

Today’s Challenges

English – Today we are going to use a video for our English work, I have chosen this because it links to our science work but is also a little bit funny and random! Firstly, have a look and enjoy….you might want to pause the video like we would in school and talk about what is happening and what you predict will happen next…

When you have watched it, I would like you to write, draw, storyboard even film what you think happened next???? Do they get their teeth back? Do they have a fight? Do they fall in? I can’t wait to see your ideas!

Science – As you may have guessed, today’s Science work is about teeth. Can you find out about the different types of teeth in our mouths and the different jobs they do? Watch this video as a starting point…

Your challenge is to make a poster or information sheet about the different types of teeth.

Have a great day x