Happy New Year!

Mr Trott is extremely excited to be back. The class have settled very well and their attitudes to learning are superb.

The topic this term is ‘Tomb Raiders’. The curriculum web for this term is on our school website and can also be seen here below.

How can you help?

  • Home reading as many times as possible a week reading a range of texts
  • TT Rock Stars and times tables games
  • Research together facts about the Egyptians which are interesting to you. There are so many brilliant websites for children and fun videos on YouTube


If you would to discuss any of this, please see any of the KS2 team or Miss Northen.

TT Rock Stars – Battle of the Bands

A big shout out to everyone who took part in our first battle between Year 3 and Year 4. Year 3 were victorious!

This week’s most valuable players were:

Year 3 George, Libby and Kip

Year 4 Beau, Mikey and Chloe

Join in this week’s battle – Girls v Boys.

Click the link below for another website which is really useful for learning your tables. Some children may prefer this as it has no speed element to it.


Welcome to Class 3

I have been so impressed with the children’s enthusiasm for learning since we returned to school. It has made for a fantastic start to the school year.

The children have adapted easily to the new classroom routines, and a particular shout out must go to all of those who have moved up from Key Stage 1.

Last week, I asked all the children to log onto Purple Mash, TT RockStars and Seesaw as part of their homework. Whilst I can see that many children have been able to access the online learning, there are a few children who have not logged on. Please let me know if you have any problems and I will try and rectify them as quickly as possible.

16.9.22 Homework

Homework is sent out in paper form, however an electronic copy is available below. Any homework can be returned by bringing paper copies into school or uploading digital images to Seesaw.


Weekly Round-up (+ homework)

Class 3 have had another amazing week.

In English, we have been very busy writing our non-chronological reports about Italy. I am so impressed with how hard the children have worked and the knowledge they have gained.

Thank you to everyone who helped with homework, it has really helped to enhance their work! We plan to get the reports finished today (Friday) and I will post them on seesaw soon.

In Maths we have continued our tricky work on Fractions, we now know how to add and subtract simple fractions and also how to find fractions of amounts – I’m really impressed how hard they have been working.

We also had great fun starting our Computing unit looking at creating our own computer games. The children loved evaluating existing ones and then starting to make their own.


This week, we have started to work on our whole class guided reading text, ‘The Twits’. The children are thoroughly enjoying the story and we had lots of fun exploring the main characters Mr and Mrs Twit. For homework, I would like you to re-read the story so far using the PDF of the story below, and then make/draw/paint a picture of one of the two main characters. You can do this using any media you want. Perhaps you could make Mr Twit’s beard showing everything it in or you could paint Mrs Twit with her walking stick. Finally, can you add labels using parts of the text to show details of their character?

Finally, this week’s Quick Start if you want another go at home…

Our flight and trip to Italy! (+Homework)

Despite only being in school three days this week – Class 3 have had such a busy week – flying to and visiting Italy!!

On Wednesday we all gathered passports, bags, fruit and boarding cards and we were off!! After some very strict passport control we boarded the plane and enjoyed a 2 hour 33 minute flight to Italy.

Once in Italy we had a guided tour, found out about the main landmarks, made fraction pizzas, found out about culture in Italy and made our own tourist photos – we were so busy!

Next week, we are going to use all the information we found out to write our own non-chronological reports about Italy – watch this space!


For homework, I would like you to see if you can find out more about Italy ready for the start of next week. Here are some ideas…

Can you find out about the language?

Can you find out about the different landmarks to visit?

Can you find out about the flag and what the different colours mean?

Can you find out about the food or maybe the music?

Feel free to use these ideas or come up with your own. The more you find out – the better your finished report will be!

Quick Starts for Maths

Below are links to our last two quick starts. Please feel free to consolidate this learning at home. I have also added a drawer to the maths area in class, with previous weeks work in it – your child is welcome to help themselves to any if they wish.

Finally, thank you to everyone who joined us for our Showcases this week, it was lovely to have you in school and the children loved the opportunity to share their work. Thank you for all the kind donations for your child’s artwork. We look forward to spending it on more equipment!