Design Technology Work

Class 3 had a VERY busy week last week with lots of different activities happening. At the beginning of the week, the pupils completed their design technology work; designing, making and evaluating their air-raid shelter and gardens. They were all very proud of their work and rightly so. They were all able to say what they enjoyed, which bits were tricky, what skills they had to use and how they would improve their design next time. Well done class 3!

A Taste of History …

On Friday KSw2 had a visit from Else the history lady. The pupils had the opportunity to help prepare and sample lots of authentics WWI recipes. There were also examples of artefacts and toys from WWII. The pupils also found out about what wedding cakes were made out of during WWII due to rationing.

Science work this week

Class 3 have been working on lots of different activities this week to help us learn about the human skeleton and the bones in our body.
As well as making their own skeletons, the class have had the chance to use non-fiction books, ipads and the laptop to research facts about bones for our class science book, design a wordsearch using scientific bone names, label a lifesize skeleton cutout (thanks to Harry!) with bone names and complete a human body jigsaw. It has been a busy week and the children have participated well in everything they have been asked to do.


More WWII cookery and a visitor to class 3!

Well done everyone who decided to try out some of the WWII cookery recipes over the weekend (and mums, dads and grandparents too!) We have had a feast today of Savoury Charlotte made by Seb and dark sticky gingerbread made by Anya and Mia and also some gingerbread I made. Tomorrow we have more gingerbread and some chocolate oatmeal biscuits to look forward too. I hope you all enjoyed putting your instruction work in to practice and making these tasty treats.
Today we also had a visit from ‘granny Carey’ who was an evacuee in Eyemouth during WWII. The children had lots and lots of questions to ask her and she gave a really interesting talk on her experiences, including the day bombs were dropped over Eyemouth, childhood games she played and why house windows were covered in sticky tape. Mrs Carey also brought in two bags of sweets for the children to share which the class were surprised to learn amounted to two months rations of sweets during the war!

Instruction work this week…….

On Friday of this week we will be putting our instruction work into practice by designing a World War II themed board game. This will give the pupils the opportunity to link different areas of learning together including what they have learned so far about WWII, how to write clear instructions and practical skills such as making counters/ playing pieces. Hopefully our trip to Eden Camp will give the pupils lots of ideas for their game design.

Our first few days of the Autumn term.

We have worked in groups on problem-solving activities, answering such questions as, ‘Would an elephant make a good pet?’ or ‘If toes could talk to each other, what would they say?’ Come and have a look at the display in our classroom to see what the responses were!

We also took the parachute outside to play cat and mouse and we had a session on the pirate ship. Next week I have planned an outdoor lesson for maths to fingers crossed for good weather.

Please have a look at some of our photos from last week and don’t forget to leave us a comment.