Rang Tan

This week  and last week we have been working on writing our own stories about Rang Tan. We have looked at the point in the story  when the flashback occurs. I am so impressed with some of the fantastic language choices the children have made…look at some of our super ideas…

“In a blink of an eye, my mother was gone. Suddenly, I thought to myself, I would never be the same” Emma

“The rain slashed through the sound of my echo” Matthew

“In a miserable rainy night, the sky was full of smoke.” Harrison

“A ferocious dark night , the whistling wind making a terrifying tornado. A metallic monster demolishing everything in its path.” Rufus

“I felt ever so upset, I felt devastated from my home, vanished away, men and women had to get palm oil for people to survive but it is sad for me.” Daisy

“I’m terrified of the chomping dragon of terror. The rain was pouring against me.” Cody

“There was a blue and green monster truck carrying all my lovely home.” Lucas

“A massive, yellow monster chopping trees down and that’s when I saw  a very large tree falling towards my home” Alfie H

“I was so upset that I sobbed my heart out.” Chloe

“There was a dashing sound of thunder, striking the ground” Charlie

“I saw the deforestation done by the scary, terrifying monster that nearly crushed me” Emily

“Suddenly it started to rain with lightening, I was scared because I had no family” Belle

“When the first tree wobbled that’s when I saw it.” Alasdair

“I felt unhappy and I was petrified and I was very, very scared” Oliver

“I was petrified when I saw a metallic monster, I ran for my life.” Edward

“The black splodgy monster chomping my habitat” Bertie

“I heard the rumble of the beast continued” Zak

Big Me – Money Management

We kicked off our Money Management week by talking to Mrs Cooper who used to be a bank manager. She had so many interesting stories to tell us and we found out lots about saving money and what a bank manager does.

We also found out which children would be good at saving and who would need to take out a loan!

Every day this week we hope to hear from other people who use money in their jobs and different careers that use money. Who will we find out about next?

There’s a Rang Tan in my bedroom

Last week there was so much amazing discussion, thoughts and ideas around our new English unit – There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom. The short film explores the life of a young orangutan who has left his home in the rainforest because it is being destroyed for palm oil. The children have completed some fantastic work, made predictions and discussed feelings and emotions. I am really looking forward to continuing to work on this piece – keep it up Class 3!

If you want to watch the film, click on the link below and let us know what you think…

The Big Me – what would you like to be?

As part of our work for Careers Mark, we looked at jobs in the rainforest and tried out some different tasks to see what skills we would need. It was interesting to see how different people liked different jobs and felt more comfortable using different skills to others.

We had lots of budding zoologists but also people who enjoyed the maths challenges that the forest conservation workers had to carry out and others who enjoyed being Geographers using the atlases. I think we all definitely used new skills. Well done Class 3!

The five different tasks can be seen on a display in our classroom

Task overviews