We have been doing lots of investigations lately. Last week we completed our work on dissolving and next week, as part of National Science Week, we will be carrying out some sieving and filtering investigations to separate materials.We found out that sugar, coffee, flour and salt dissolved but sand and rice did not. We also found out that the higher the temperature of the water, the quicker sugar would dissolve in it. I wonder what we will discover when we do our filtering and sieving work?

Dictionary skills

Class 3 are always looking to improve their dictionary skills and have learnt about the quartiles of the dictionary and how to find their way around a dictionary using the headings. We linked this to our work on Romans to have a race to find words in the dictionary that were of Roman origin, such as spectator, stadium, sandal, mosaic and aqueduct. We also practise our dictionary skills during guided reading.

Half-term visits

If you are looking for somewhere to visit over the half-term holiday why not visit the Hull and East Riding Museum in High Street Hull? You can see a Roman bath house and some stunning Roman mosaics as well as lots of other exciting exhibits and it’s free.

There are lot of things going on in Hull at the moment linked Hull UK city of Culture 2017 so it is a good time to visit.Our Summer term theme in KS2 will be the local area around us and we hope to link more closely to City of Culture events and exhibitions so why not get ahead and visit now!

Link to Hull and East Riding Museum:,631546&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL