Big Me – Money Management

We kicked off our Money Management week by talking to Mrs Cooper who used to be a bank manager. She had so many interesting stories to tell us and we found out lots about saving money and what a bank manager does.

We also found out which children would be good at saving and who would need to take out a loan!

Every day this week we hope to hear from other people who use money in their jobs and different careers that use money. Who will we find out about next?

There’s a Rang Tan in my bedroom

Last week there was so much amazing discussion, thoughts and ideas around our new English unit – There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom. The short film explores the life of a young orangutan who has left his home in the rainforest because it is being destroyed for palm oil. The children have completed some fantastic work, made predictions and discussed feelings and emotions. I am really looking forward to continuing to work on this piece – keep it up Class 3!

If you want to watch the film, click on the link below and let us know what you think…

The Big Me – what would you like to be?

As part of our work for Careers Mark, we looked at jobs in the rainforest and tried out some different tasks to see what skills we would need. It was interesting to see how different people liked different jobs and felt more comfortable using different skills to others.

We had lots of budding zoologists but also people who enjoyed the maths challenges that the forest conservation workers had to carry out and others who enjoyed being Geographers using the atlases. I think we all definitely used new skills. Well done Class 3!

The five different tasks can be seen on a display in our classroom

Task overviews


In the week before half term, Class 3 were very busy writing poetry. We used our senses to write poems based in the rainforest, they even rhymed! Once our poems were drafted and improved we recorded them using the Ipads and then put them together in groups. Our final poems can be see in the classroom on our interactive display – please come and take a look – we would be happy to show you how our display can TALK to you!!


Place Value

Class 3 have spent two weeks working hard on partitioning numbers and reading and writing numbers. On Thursday we had great fun helping PLACE VALUE MAN solve his problems.

Do you want to try some more problems at home? Here are some websites for you to try…


End of Summer term approaching

Last week we were busy with sports week and we continued that today with a visit to the Brandesburton Bowls Club. Class 3 really enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to play bowls and also have a game of  Kwik Cricket. We still have a few busy weeks ahead of us when we will be writing a Mayan myth story in English and using our problem solving skills in maths. there will also be the opportunity to attend the school disco and the school fair. Hopefully if the good weather continues we will have the opportunity for extra P.E. too. Of course we will be rounding the term off with a class party – details to follow! Thank-you to everyone who has supported class 3 over this academic year – it has been much appreciated.


End of Spring term 2018

We are in the final week of term and as well as completing our normal half-termly tests, we are concluding our performance poetry work based on the poem ,No word of a lie’ by Jackie Kay. I am sure class 3 pupils will be able to tell you some of their excellent ideas to add to this poem. We are also doing Easter activities such as the Easter service at St. Mary’s church, our egg rolling and decorated egg competitions. Class 3 will be having an Easter themed maths challenge later in the week to solve the mystery of the missing Easter bunny costume! This week will also see our final swim and for some of the class their final dance session. Thank-you for all your support this term, we are all looking forward to a warmer and sunnier Summer term with plenty of new activities and challenges to complete.


KS2 trip to the National Coal Mining Museum

Everyone in Key Stage Two enjoyed their trip to the Mining Museum last week even though the journey was incredibly long! Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on the day and made it possible. The children learnt a lot and many challenged themselves to go 140 feet underground in the dark and ‘clanky’ cage lift even though they were quite worried about it. The underground tour was a unique experience and the ex-miners who gave the tours were both humorous and knowledgeable. The children also enjoyed their free time in the large play area before our journey back – on which many of them fell asleep!