Back to School and busy….A trip out!

Class 3 had an amazing start to the half term this week with a school trip to the Hull and East Riding Museum. The children loved the opportunity to to find out more about the Romans and our guide for the morning was very impressed with our knowledge!

We explored artefacts, made mosaics, role played as shopkeepers, built bridges and drew Roman artefacts. The children were so well behaved and were a credit to the school.

The Tunnel

In English we have been looking at stories with dilemmas. We have been using the book ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. We have had lots of fun exploring the story and looking closely at the characters.

Next we are going to look at writing our own stories containing a dilemma

Can you think of any other stories with a dilemma?

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a great start to the New Year. We have had a great first week of the term, settled well and completed some great work. On Tuesday we revisited our Class Charter using the book ‘Be You’. It was lovely to see that many of us thought ‘Be Kind’ was the most important characteristic to have in our classroom!

We have also made a fab start to our new English unit, begun to look at the Romans in History and continued to work on multiplication in Maths.

Guided Reading

We also made a start on our new text for Guided Reading, The Griffin Gate by Vashi Hardy. I have been very impressed with the predictions and inferences we have made just from looking at the front cover!

Last term some of the children bought their own copy of the text and have talked of buying our new one. If you would like to buy this term’s, I have found them cheapest on this site.

It is not necessary to buy a copy as we have enough for one between two but I know some of the children like to have their own.

Maths – Plea for Help

Recently, both year groups have been working on multiplication in Maths, in order to fully learn their times tables by heart, the children need to have regular practice at home. Please try to build this into your routine. The children all have access to times table rockstars and purple mash which contain a range of games and also includes some fun alternatives.

Updates and Reminders for the start of the new term


I hope you are enjoying the range of reading books that the children are bringing home. I am constantly changing the books on offer to the children in order to really build that love of reading. Please feel free to chat to me if you would like any advice on books your child can read at home.

Please continue to record reading daily in your child’s home school record book. We are happy for the children to write down their own reading in their logs and we welcome comments linked to the events in the books. If they are recording independently, please ensure there is an adult signature each week. As a school, we aim for at least 3 entries each week. All logs will be looked at on a Friday, but we will continue to change reading books any day of the week as long as it is recorded in the log with an adult signature.


This term, Class 3 will be required to come to school in their PE kit on a Tuesday and a Friday

Here’s to a fab term!

Final Week

Well Class 3, we have got there…the final week and what a final week it has been!

Christmas Performance

Well done to everyone for our Christmas performance on Tuesday. I think our Christmas poem was very well written and perfectly performed, our signed ‘it was on a starry night’ is so lovely to watch and we all did some fab singing!

Food Technology

Our week was also very busy with our Food Technology project. On Monday and Tuesday, Class 3 were given the chance to try a range of Greek food and then create their own Greek meals; cooking lamb koftas, making flatbread, slicing and chopping for a Greek salad and making a Greek dip. We also completed lots of work on food hygiene and healthy eating alongside this and of course got to try our finished meal – we thoroughly enjoyed it!! A massive thanks must go to Mrs Thomson and Miss Jessop who were fab cookery teachers!!

Christmas Cards and Calendars

This week we also fitted in time to make our Christmas Cards and Calendars. The children used their painting skills to create some fab designs which we then added our Christmas decorations to. They really look fab.

Finally, I just want to wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a great time with their family. See you in 2024!!

Weekly Round Up 7.12.23

Another fab week in Class 3 – we have begun to look at multiplication in Maths, started to explore persuasive texts in English and explored atlases in Geography. We have also finished our whole class guided reading text – Beasts of Olympus. It was lovely to see all the children discussing the text and how it ended. It has also been great to see how much their fluency has progressed. I wonder what we will read next!


I am pleased to announce that last week Class 3 had 100% reading percentage – I wonder what we will get this week? As a reward we were able to choose fifteen pounds worth of books from the book fair and as the books were all half price – we spent a long time using our addition and subtraction skills to get the best deal.



This week both year groups have begun work on multiplication. In year 3 the expectation is to know by heart the 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 times tables and in year 4 the expectation is all times tables to 12×12.

This week the Year 4s have been working on their 6 times tables and the Year 3s consolidating the 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Next week the Year 4s will be learning their 9 times tables and 7 times tables and the Year 3s their 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

For homework this week I would like you to work on spending some time practicing your times tables. Please choose a times table to focus on and use times table rockstars/purple mash or the websites below to practise.

Or, if you want to be a little more creative, you could make your own multiplication game. You will find some ideas below. Have a look around the house to see what you can find to use, choose a times table to focus on and create a game. When your game is finished grab someone to play your game with. I can’t wait to see photographs of your ideas and of you playing your game.

Next week…Don’t forget Christmas Jumper day and Christmas Dinner Day on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs A

Weekly Round Up 24.11.23

We have had another fab week in Class 3 this week. We have been busy finishing our addition and subtraction units in Maths, started to plan and write our myths in English and the children are loving their Science topics of Light for the Year 3s and States of Matter for the Year 4s. We really are busy, busy busy!!

We have also been continuing to enjoy our Whole Class Guided Reading Text – The Beasts of Olympus. The children have made so many great links to our History work on Ancient Greece – they really are little historians!

We enjoyed a little bit of drama linked to the book this week and it was great to see how much their expression and fluency are improving!


This weeks spellings are linked to the common exception words for year 3 and 4. They are words that the children may use regularly and just need to be able to spell.


I am not going to set any extra homework this week as we have been working very hard in class but please remember to ensure you read at least 3 times and practice spellings and timestables.

Mrs A

Weekly Round Up – 17.11.23

Class 3 have had another busy week – this week we have all tackled column subtraction with exchanges in Maths, we have worked on planning our own myth based on Theseus and the Minotaur in English and in Science the year 3s have investigated reflective materials, whilst the year 4s have looked at solids, liquids and gases. It has been all go!

Our Art Unit

Thank you to the parents who came to look at our fantastic artwork and buy our amazing clay pots. We manage to raise just over £50 which will be used to purchase future resources for our art and design and technology work. We have our DT unit coming up soon and plan to look at some different Greek foods – you may even get an invite to taste some! (Further details to follow)


Well done to those who completed last week’s maths homework to teach someone else how to do column addition. I loved these two photos I received…

I am sure we now have some very clever animals in Brandesburton!

If you want to recap our work from this week where we have moved onto column subtraction, the following website might be useful.


Next weeks spelling patterns include the ‘uh’ sound spelt ‘ou’ for the year 3s and adding the suffix ‘ation’ for the year 4s.

Homework – English

To link to our work on myths and the amazing monsters in your story plans, I have set a 2do on Purple Mash to draw your own ‘Minotaur’. Who will be the monster in your myth? What will they look like? I can’t wait to see the half bull, half electric eel or the half unicorn, half beetle.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs A

Autumn 2 Week 1

Another week has flown by in Class 3 and we have been so busy.

Author – Elizabeth Green

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to meet a real author! The children loved listening to her tales and asking questions about how she thought of her ideas and started her journey.

Some of the children were very excited to buy some of her books afterwards. I can’t wait to hear people’s opinions on them!

English – Homework Challenge 1

In English this week, we have begun to look at Greek Myths. We have looked at the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and discussed the story events. Have a watch of this lego animation of the myth.

Can you narrate a voice over to it to explain what is happening? You might want to tell a member of your family or write your story down. I just need you to know the story very well as it will help us next week when we create our own myths in a similar style.

Maths – Homework Challenge 2

This week both the year 3s and 4s have been working on column addition and exchanges. Class 3, I challenge you to teach someone else how to do column addition. Perhaps your mum needs a recap, perhaps you could teach your cat or dog. Maybe you could record your ideas in the form of a poster to explain it to the world.

Use these great photos as a bit of a reminder…


Next week the Year 3 spelling focus will be ‘y’ making the ‘i’ sound in the middle of words – for example ‘myth’. Year 4 will be looking at the prefix ‘il’ such as illegal.

Art Showcase

As discussed before half term we have planned an Art Showcase session to show off our amazing artwork. Everyone should have received a text message inviting them into school to see how our Art topic progressed and the amazing pottery we all made. You are welcome to ‘purchase’ your child’s piece for a voluntary contribution. The children are very, very proud of their work and looking forward to sharing it with you! We hope to see you at…

3pm Wednesday 15th November

Have a great weekend.

Final Week – WEEK 8!

I can’t believe we have got there – Week 8!

Its been a long term so far but we have been so, so busy! It seems ages ago that we all started as the ‘new’ class three!

We have had an amazing last week getting very busy with ART WEEK – the children have impressed me so much with both their clay and painting skills – I don’t want to give too much away as we plan to SHOWCASE our ART WORK after half term and hopefully ‘sell’ our creations to buy resources for our next project.

Date to follow in the first week back!

We also had great fun this week when Dinostar came to visit – See next blog post – it was that good it got its own post!!!! I wonder if anyone will visit the actual museum during half term.

Talking of half term – have a fab time – enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night – try to fit some reading in and times tables practice in and stay safe!

Mrs A