Last week there was so much amazing discussion, thoughts and ideas around our new English unit – There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom. The short film explores the life of a young orangutan who has left his home in the rainforest because it is being destroyed for palm oil. The children have completed some fantastic work, made predictions and discussed feelings and emotions. I am really looking forward to continuing to work on this piece – keep it up Class 3!

If you want to watch the film, click on the link below and let us know what you think…

There’s a Rang Tan in my bedroom

8 thoughts on “There’s a Rang Tan in my bedroom

  • I loved doing ran-Tan and learning obout palmoil and how it destroyes the Rainforest . I also loved it when mrs Altoft rang a company and asced them if they used palmoil in ther food .

  • I’m really mad? about men or ladies chopping down the lovely rainforest.? They are using it as dirty palm oil?? some people are happy?? about it but I’m very sad☹️ . And animals are getting killed ??. Stop using palm oil now !!! Please

  • Poor Rang-Tan i feel sad for him ill try and look if anything has palm oil in it ill try not to buy anything with palm oil.

  • i liked learning about rang -tan because you make our week very good and learning about sustainable palm oil and dirty palm oil but i love our english unit and i would like to go to a rainforest to see a rang – tan or a mummy and daddy rag – tan.

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