I was so impressed with the fantastic models that came into school this week…You all worked so hard!!! Watch our video to see just how good they are!!

I was also very impressed with all the facts you found out. They will be very useful next week when we continue to look at homes and hopefully do some green screening!!??!!

Stone Age Houses

6 thoughts on “Stone Age Houses

  • Hello Class 3,
    Olivia Wrights daddy here all the way from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Just looking at all your fantastic models & I must say, very well done. You all must have spent a lot of time to do such amazing displays. Give yourselves a big round of applause & I hope you all receive gold stars from your great teacher Mrs Altoft, who is learning you this time all about the stone age.

    They all look so very different & ‘Olivia’, your model looks like a Bedouin cave from the desert in Saudi Arabia, where the Nomadic Arab Community live, who in habit the desert region as cattle herdsmen & use camels to travel around the desert. They also have learnt how to live in very harsh conditions with extreme heat from the sun & very little water supplies.

    You could always ask your teachers more on the Bedouins, it might be very interesting?

    Anyhow, I have to go back to work now & I hope you all have a fab day at school.

    Keep learning & keep up the great pieces of work at Brandesburton Primary School

    Olivia Wrights Daddy (Karl).

  • Wow Class 3 these are absolutely fabulous pieces of work. I’m so impressed by your knowledge. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  • Fantastic models Class 3 could there be some budding architects in your midst? So impressed with your hard work.

  • Well done class 3 and especially Mrs Altoft you have done a fab work .
    Keep it up class 3 and Mrs Altoft you have done amazing so far good luck .
    From Olly

  • Annabelle’s Mum and Dad here, we thought all the models looked fantastic. Annabelle loved going around our village collecting all the materials that she’d need to make her model!

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