Today is the start of something new for us all, I’m not sure how long it will last or if I’m honest how it will actually work. But for now this, along with Seesaw, is our classroom!

I’m so impressed with the fab things that have been posted on seesaw already, I have loved seeing a range of tasks, challenges and creative things! You definitely have fun at home. It’s a shame you can’t see what each other has been doing but I will keep posting updates on here…

Being at home will obviously not be like being in school but please set aside some time to practice some spellings, times tables and read.


  1. A great way to start your day is with Joe Wicks’s 30 minute PE session. It will be happening on his YouTube channel everyday at 9am. 
    It will certainly wake you up ready for the day of learning ahead! Just type “the body coach” into YouTube and his channel will appear.
  2. Please choose a short novel to read (we are using the twits) to complete activities on over the next few weeks. Your first activity is to describe a character from the story, post your description on seesaw and I will see if I can guess the character and the book. I’ll share some on here for us all to guess as well.

Keep posting things in the home learning folder and let’s cover our blog in things to be proud of!

PARENTS – if anyone is struggling to work seesaw please email me and I will try to send you an email with details of a video tutorial. Thanks

Home learning 23.3.20

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