Thank you so much for all the amazing birthday wishes – you kept me smiling all day! I promise we will celebrate with cake as soon as we can!!

Well done for posting more fantastic work, it’s great to see how many people are using seesaw. Here is a little preview of some of the things I received….

Well done to many of you for completing the alphabet challenge…it was quite tricky in places! A big shout out to Nancy and Arthur who seemed to work very hard yesterday – pobble, science, alphabets and maths – keep it up!!


  1. Art/English – We did some art outside yesterday and created Mr Twit out of leaves and stones, maybe you could do something similar to show a book character from a different book, can you think of any adjectives to describe them? I will post some on here so we can guess who has been created!

2. Computing – Using 2animate on Purple Mash, can you make an animation linked to our theme of Space? You could choose a space ship flying through space or man walking on the moon – it’s upto you. Remember to save them and then I can have a look!

3. PE – I have uploaded two scavenger hunts to seesaw for the children to enjoy – one inside, one outside – get hunting!!

Have fun, stay safe!!! X

Home Learning 25.3.20

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