Ok, so I said I wasn’t going to post again but so much fab learning went on yesterday that I just had to share it with you…from rockets to science experiments, my seesaw feed had everything…here is a quick selection…

I am so proud – Well done!!

I hope you managed to see and enjoy my bedtime story for you all! We had so much fun choosing a story and making it (there were so many outtakes!) When Mr Altoft came in from work and I showed him he was quite jealous of our fun! He has asked if he can read one to you all soon, so keep your eyes on seesaw just in case I let him!!

Have a lovely Easter, keep up with all the work I mentioned yesterday especially the egg rolling challenge! Below are a couple of things I saw online just in case you get bored… I look forward to seeing your ‘at home’ adventures on seesaw soon! Stay safe and stay home xx

Home Learning 4.4.20

One thought on “Home Learning 4.4.20

  • Very entertaining Class 3, great ideas & well done!

    Liv, I certainly liked your silver foil wellies & your shower cap hat, still laughing now. You could be the next ‘Elmer Fudd’ with that space water pistol looking for aliens, (What’s up doc?). Lol!

    Happy Easter to you all.

    Olivia’s Daddy (Karl Wright).

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