Wow! Wow! Wow! So much amazing work class 3! I was seriously impressed each time I went on seesaw yesterday….10 Class dojo points for everyone!!!

So, please bear with me while you scroll through all the fab learning that took place yesterday….Today’s tasks are down there somewhere!

Due to all those photos I will leave the ‘living museum’ answers until tomorrow. If you want one more chance have a look back through the blog posts to try again – no one has them all correct yet! As a clue, the following children submitted photos – Lucy, Nancy, Freddie, Annabelle, Arthur, Reuben, Pippa, Maisie, Leo, Jack, Lachlan, James C, Olivia, Lacey, Zak, Flossie and Belle. Feel free to upload a second set of answers!

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – Well done to everyone who completed last week’s spelling game on purple mash. This week’s spelling pattern looks at the ending ‘ure’ for example treasure, enclosure

Maths – To continue our work on fractions from last week, today you have a game to play and some websites to explore. I have attached the game as a template on seesaw. Please print and cut out or write the fractions on pieces of paper. Can you match the equivalent fractions? Remember to use the fraction wall to help if needed or draw the fractions as slices of a pizza to see if they are the same. When you have played it to find equivalent fractions, can you play matching pairs again but this time find fractions that make a whole – for example 1/4+3/4=1 – Do you have all cards needed to match them all up?

Why not try a couple of the following websites for some more fraction fun…(can fractions actually be fun!!??)

PE – Today’s PE challenge comes from Arthur…last week he sent me this…can you create something similar with a ball to try at home? How could you alter Arthur’s challenge to make it easier or harder? What challenge could you invent in your garden or living room? Can you get all your family involved? Who gets the highest score? Send me some photos or short videos (shorter means I can upload more) Have fun as a family getting physical!

Have fun Mrs A.

Home Learning 28.4.20

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