Well done to everyone who completed yesterday’s challenges it was lovely to see your wellbeing scavenger hunt ideas and hear some of you reading with expression. There was also some fab acting going on and even some dressing up!!

Here are a few of the videos I received, some of your scavenger hunt photos and other learning that took place..

At my house, we spent the day planting seeds and finding out about how plants grow. We ended the day with some artwork and made this wreath for the front door (its made with card and an egg box!) – maybe you could make something similar over the weekend to go with the rainbow picture you might have in your window, or maybe make a new rainbow picture to give people something different to look at on their daily walks.

Today’s Challenges

Maths – Today we are going to move onto adding fractions. In Year 3 we only need to add fractions with the same denominator. Have a look at the video below (wk com 27th April – Lesson 1 – Adding Fractions) which explains how we do this. When you have had a listen, try the worksheet attached on seesaw (answers on the below link too)


Geography – As part of our work on food and healthy eating we are going to look at where food comes from. With permission from a grown up, your task is to RAID THE FRIDGE and CUPBOARDS! You are not required to eat anything but I would like you to look closely at where the food comes from. If you don’t have much food in the cupboards, see if you can use the internet to find out what countries different foods come from. Can you create a list, map, photo collage or poster to show whereabouts in the world some different food comes from? There is a world map template on seesaw if needed.

Have a good day Mrs A

Home Learning 30.4.20

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