Hey Class 3, hope you had a lovely weekend. It looked like lots of you enjoyed the Friday Treat, I was so impressed with your Disney artwork!! We have some fab artists in Class 3, take a look yourself….

Impressive or what!!

This week…

Did you know that this week it is National Sandwich Week?

As our topic links to healthy lifestyles/food and the sandwich is one of my favourite foods, I thought we would do lots of work around sandwiches this week! So lets get started…

Today’s Challenges

English – To start our sandwich theme we are going to have a bit of fun with the story of Sam’s Sandwich. I couldn’t find the story read anywhere so I have decided to read it to you myself – Have a look on seesaw and you will find me reading the story! Listen very carefully because today we are going to work on retelling it. Can you produce a story map or table to retell the story? Remember to include everything that both Samantha and Sam add to the sandwich. Can you use your story map or table to tell the story to someone else?

Geography – If you have a sandwich, chances are it will contain bread. But what does bread look like from different parts of the world? Can you use the internet to find out where the following different breads come from and label them on the map. For an extra challenge can you find three more types of bread and add them to the map.

Have you tried any of these breads?

PE – As bit of a change from the circuit training and assault course work we have been doing, I thought we could move onto some ball skills. Have a look at the following website and particularly videos No. 2, No.4, No. 12 and then try some out for yourself…(you can find the correct video by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner where it says 1/25)

Have a great day!

PARENTS – Advance Warning…To complete our Design and Technology work for the term and to link with our sandwich work I would really like the children to design and make sandwiches on Friday. Obviously this can be as big or as little as you wish but I just thought an advance warning may be useful. Thank you so much for your continued support with all the activities. I was so proud to work out that last week 75% of the children completed every task given and 86% of children completed at least one task. It is really making me smile seeing all their hard work – so thank you x

Home Learning 18.5.20

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