WOW….Picnic Week definitely inspired Class 3…I am sooooo impressed. Check out some of the amazing work that was uploaded to seesaw….





Friday Treat

I was so impressed….so as your Friday Treat, I thought I would give you a few choices…

  1. If you haven’t already had a picnic this week…it’s a must!! You cannot celebrate National Picnic Week without a picnic so pack your lunch and head outside to the garden, the beach or the woods…socially distanced of course!
  2. All picnic-ed out, how about some family board games…if you fancy a new challenge, these two games might be fun, who can you find a way through the maze first by answering the questions?
Image preview

3. Or how about a quick Science Experiment…Can you create Magic Milk?

Next Week’s Theme…Creative Arts Week

Sharpen your pencil crayons, dig out your paints…its creative arts week! Hope you have fun!

Perfect Picnic Week…

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