Wow Class 3 the final day of Summer Term. Time has really flown by I cannot believe the year has ended like this. I feel sad but also very proud of how well you have dealt with the changes and how hard you have worked.

Seesaw and the blog have certainly been lifesavers for me over the last few months and allowed me to still communicate with you all and see all the fab work you have been doing. I think with almost 2500 posts in the home learning folder on seesaw – it has definitely worked for us!!

So, here is a final little goodbye message from me…(make sure you have the sound on)

Sorry about the messy hair (I’m finally getting it cut next week) and looking very tired – I am!!

Final Friday Treat

For you final Friday Treat of the Year, I thought it would be perfect to reminisce, to look back over the fun times we have had. I have picked a couple of my favourite videos but I have also added the links to my different vimeo accounts (I had to have 3 because you did soooo many videos!)

Grab a drink and a biscuit and enjoy…..

First up….the staff! It seems so long ago that I made this….

And then you guys….I was so proud of this, I felt like I had inspired you all to join in too and make your own!!!

Next up…VE Day…This video really makes me smile, you had so much fun but also remembered the importance of the event. I love the song too!

Finally, this is the best…I laugh everytime I watch Mr Mallison, I mean Arthur!

I’m sure you agree, we have had great fun! Here are the links to my vimeo accounts where there are sooo many more amazing videos – which did you enjoy?

We have all worked so hard…have a brilliant summer and stay safe. I will certainly never forget you guys and the year we worked from home! I’m going to enjoy my candles, eat my giant cookie, chocolate, haribo sweets and chocolate brownies and drink coke from my new mug! Thanks for the cards and presents xxx

Class 3 – Team Altoft – Lockdown 2020 x

Class3 2020 Final Farewell

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