Let’s start by wishing Ruby a massive 8th birthday!!! Hope you have a lovely day!!

Lots more amazing work yesterday – you should definitely be very proud of yourself!! As I mentioned on Monday, we are going to have a bit of a different day today as it is Children’s Mental Health Week.

The theme for this year is ‘Express Yourself’ so I thought today we would have a ‘no-screen’ day to concentrate on our well-being and give our eyes a rest from the computer and tablet screens.

‘Express Yourself’ is all about finding creative ways to share feelings, thought or ideas through things like art, writing, music, dance and doing things that make you feel good. It is not about being the best at something, it is about finding a way to show how you are feeling and can help you feel good about yourself.

So, I am simply going to give you some ideas for the day, well lots of ideas, and allow you all to show us how you choose to ‘Express Yourself’.

I told you there were LOTS of ideas to choose from! Maybe you will just choose one activity, maybe one from each page, maybe your favourite number from each page or maybe a few from the final page which links back to our theme last term – your choices are endless (well out of 100!) All activities are also uploaded to seesaw.

All I ask is that at the end of an activity or the day you post some photos / work on seesaw to show me what you chose to get up to – how you chose to ‘Express Yourself’

Have a lovely day x

Home Learning – Wednesday 3.2.21

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