Fab work again yesterday guys…only 4 days of home learning left… you can do it!!! Today you have got your adverts to film (I’ve managed to upload mine – scroll down to see it!!) and some more work on time. We are also going to look at another type of weaving and the last music session of the unit to end the day. I can’t wait to see what you achieve today. Go get started!

Daily Timetable

  1. Spelling/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Design and Technology
  5. Music

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – Some more work on our ‘ch’ spelling pattern today. To start with can you read these ‘ch’ words? (Remember it makes the ‘sh’ sound)

I have also added a wordsearch to seesaw and I have also added the pattern to purple mash for you to practice some more. How many ‘ch’ words can you spell correctly?

Phonics – A wordsearch to start with today, choose a long vowel sound to search for…


Next, can you read and find the following words…

English – So, yesterday I set you the challenge of designing your own theme park advert for ‘Viking World’. Today I would like you to film it. Think carefully about how you may present your film. You might want to star in the advert yourself, use toys for example lego or playmobil to set up your scene or draw pictures as part of your advert. It may be useful to do a combination of them so you can get your message across. I can’t wait to see what you create….Here is mine…very quickly put together last night!

(Just in case anyone was wanting to do something similar, the filter is from snapchat and then I used an app called Quik to put it together with the photographs)

I hope you have fun creating your advert – maybe you could get all the family involved like i did!!

Maths – Today, lets start with a bit more Chuckle Maths….

Can you explain the mistake the Chuckle Brothers made?

If you are a year 3, today I would like you to complete some more work on am and pm. I have added some questions to seesaw for you to work through.

If you are a year 4, today I would like you to look at the 24 hour clock – if the Chuckle Brothers had used that, they wouldn’t have made a mistake. Firstly, look at these slides which explain how the 24 hour clock works…

Next, explore this website to see further how the 24 hour clock works…


Finally, I have uploaded some questions to seesaw for you to try, complete as much as you can – they do get trickier.

Design and Technology – After all your amazing weaving last week, I thought today we would look at a different type of weaving based on a circle. Here a very technical version, ours will be a bit simpler.

Have a look at the instructions below and have a try for yourself.

A paper plate may also be useful to use for the circle method. You could even try half a circle to create a sort of rainbow?

I can’t wait to see what you create – have fun!

Music – The 6th and final lesson on duration for you today….enjoy


Hope you have a lovely day!

Home Learning – Tuesday 2.3.21

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