Class 3, your work yesterday was amazing. I hope you enjoyed our new Virtual Library…I can’t wait to discuss more ideas for it with you. Here are some of the amazing videos I received….grab some popcorn and a drink, these video are worthy of Oscar Awards!

First up…enjoy Supertato….

Next…The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch…

Some Non-Fiction….The Guinness Book of World Records…

Dinosaurs star in this one (including a very cute little dinosaur!)

Lara found one of the stories from our Virtual Library and wanted to read it to us…

Finally, one of my favourites…Jasper’s Beanstalk…

I am so impressed with how your IT Skills have developed over lockdown (I bet your grown-up’s IT skills have improved too!!)

So, its here…your FINAL day of Home Learning and our second day of celebrating

Hope you have fun….

Before we get started with today’s activities, please make sure your book cover/picture you made yesterday is visible in a window/in your garden for all to see from outside – it will be needed in Activity 2.

Activity 1

We are going to start the day with a D.E.A.R session – we are going to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

This morning, I would like everyone, whether at home or at school, to find something interesting to read and then build a den or find a cosy spot and READ!

Perhaps you could make a crown to wear while you read.

Or some bunting to decorate your den.

Remember to share your photos on Seesaw so we can see you all reading – I hope to make a display back at school.

Activity 2

So, yesterday I set you the challenge of creating a book cover/picture for one of the following books and then asked you to display it in a window or your garden.

Today I would like you to go on a walk around the village to see what book covers you can see.

Here are some of the fab pictures you are looking for…

As you walk, please make a tally chart of the different books you find – you will need the results for the next part of the activity.

When you return from your walk, I would like you to create a graph to show which book you found the most. You could use Purple Mash or make a bar graph or pictogram.

Activity 3

The official illustrator for World Book Day 2021 is Rob Biddulph. If you are currently in my class, or were in my class last year, you will know that I love to try drawing like the artist himself by following his videos. For our final activity I would like you to try a ‘Draw with Rob’.

Here is the link to his you tube channel…choose a video and get drawing!

Here is my Odd Dog Out…

So, that’s it! You have finished your home learning journey!! As I said at the end of Wednesday’s post, well done to each and everyone of you! WE WILL SEE YOU ALL BACK AT SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!! Also, another massive THANK YOU and well done to all of your grown ups….you made it!!

I thought I would post this again, just in case you missed it on Wednesday…

You have made me proud guys…have a lovely weekend x

Extra World Book Note for Parents

World Book Day are holding a competition asking you to share photos from World Book Day. There are 4 different categories shared over 4 weeks – please share some of the fab work you have completed with your child.

More information can be found on the following link.

Home Learning – Friday 5.3.21

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