Over the past two weeks we have had great fun exploring place value and the children have worked so hard to develop an understanding of hundreds, tens and ones. The year 3s have worked with 3 digit numbers and the year 4s have begun to tackle 4 digit numbers!

We have accessed websites, made base 10 pictures, made place value butterflies, played bingo, dominoes and different board games and even been on a number hunt – all based around how numbers are made up. Well done to those people who also completed extra work at home on seesaw!

For homework this week, I would like you to explain place value to someone at home. Can you partition some 3 or 4 digit numbers? You could use paper and draw your numbers or can you use some apparatus to make some numbers at home. Perhaps you could use some food?! Maybe crackers for 100s, breadsticks for 10s and raisins for 1s? Maybe jelly snakes for tens and mini marshmallows for ones. Or maybe leaves, sticks and stones from outside?

Please upload some photos to your seesaw account so we can share all your fab ideas. Have fun!

Exploring Place Value (Homework 24.9.21)

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