Hi Class 3, it’s Monday again! I hope you managed to find something interesting to do at home over the weekend. We sorted out our new fridge, played lots of games and coloured pictures to go in the windows.

I must start with a recap of Friday’s learning…you cheered me up so much with your fantastic stories about what Superman was doing. A special shout out to Olivia and Lacey…their stories were fab!! I’ve made them into a video so everyone can see them!!

Today’s Challenges

1. Computing – An easy one to start Monday Morning – Inspired by Annabelle’s facetime post, I would like you all to upload to seesaw a selfie of yourself waving to the screen!! I’m missing you all!!!

2. Week long challenge Design and Technology – If we had been at school this week, we would have been designing and making rockets to finish off our Final Frontier topic. Maybe we could still do this??….Can you design and make a rocket? Please spend time on your designs today and then spend sometime over the week making your model. Remember to upload any work if you can.

Below is the idea I had for our rockets – I had hoped to make them fly -however, it might be tricky to get hold of these ingredients at the moment. Maybe you could find another way to make your rocket fly? Please post videos if you do manage it!! (And be careful!!)

3. Maths – This week we were going to move onto looking at statistics – graphs etc. Task 1 – Can you complete a tally chart to show the different coloured cars in the car park below? Task 2 – Can you put your results into a graph?

Have a fun day, please let me know what else you get busy with!!

Home Learning 30.3.20

2 thoughts on “Home Learning 30.3.20

  • A big well done to Class 3 on your home learning & posts.

    & Olivia you are certainly my little wonder girl, that was very entertaining & funny as always!!

    Have a great day & keep on learning all of you, goodbye for now from Saudi Arabia.

    Olivia’s daddy (Karl Wright).

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