Class 3, so much learning took place yesterday, I approved over 80 posts on seesaw – I am so impressed! It has been lovely to see everything you have been doing and your fab ideas for rocket designs. I have to share the following video with you – so much fun can be seen! Well done guys!

If you haven’t managed to design and make your rocket yet – no worries, you have all week! Maybe some of the following ideas will help! I noticed on Class 5’s blog Mr Barnes has posted a similar rocket challenge – I think ours will be best!


Today Class 3 I have a massive challenge for you…you need to be newspaper reporters! The details can be found below….

Can you write a newspaper report to explain what has been found? Try to include an interesting headline and then details of what has happened. Add your own details to describe the spaceship and the alien that may have been found inside.

I have added two different templates to Purple Mash that you may like to use, a template to seesaw or you can design your own on paper and upload.

If you want an extra challenge you could also record a news report about the event as if it was live on BBC news!

Have fun!!

Ps. If you haven’t uploaded a selfie please do so today – I want to do something with them for tomorrow!

Home Learning 31.3.20

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