I hope you all enjoyed ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ yesterday. Shall we make it a weekly event? I loved seeing all your fab mindfulness colouring, your acts of kindness and the amazing letters you wrote to loved ones. It was also lovely to hear that you had made phone calls and connected with others. Maybe after Easter we will find a way to have a video call or something with as many of us as possible! I will set it as my Holiday Homework to myself to work out how!

As you can see, some of us wrote letters to each other and I was able to act as Postlady and deliver them (via seesaw) to the correct person! If anyone else wants to upload a letter for someone else in our class I will happily forward them – I am happy to spread the love!!!

Today Challenges

English – Just to keep our English knowledge up, I have uploaded two word classification challenges to seesaw. Can you colour the word types the correct colours? As an extra challenge, can you create your own for someone else to complete?

Science – Below are some cool STEM Science investigations for you all to try out. (I have also uploaded them to seesaw) Please try out one or two and let me know what happens, post photos etc – I will choose the investigation that sounds the most fun (from your reviews, photos and results) and try it out with Maisie and Matilda – I might even video it and upload it so you can see what happens! Have fun – remember to do lots of predicting and concluding like we did with the ice balloons.

Have a great day guys – keep up the hard work!

PARENTS – Thanks for all the lovely comments about the blog and seesaw – if its working for you I am happy to keep doing it! I am certainly enjoying seeing what everyone is getting up to!

If anyone wants any extra Maths work, CGP have currently released some of their books free of charge as a kindle download. The link for the Year 3 booklet is below, just click on ‘buy on Amazon’.

Home Learning 2.4.20

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