Hi Class 3, I hope you liked my extra special blog post yesterday!! If you missed it, please scroll back and have a look – lots of people have commented how funny it is!!!

It must have been inspirational because I received some fab newspaper reports and special news broadcasts!!! Well done class 3 you have excelled yourselves again!!

I am so impressed Class 3!!


I thought today, with everything going on at the moment, it would be nice to have ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’.
The weather isn’t as nice as last week, we are starting to miss each other and home schooling might not be as good as you thought it would be!!!

So, with that in mind….thanks for the selfies!! Now you can all see each other!!!

Today’s Challenges

1.Can you do something kind for someone else? It might be playing with a brother or sister, helping mum or dad with a job or even writing a letter to an elderly neighbour or friend – let’s spread some kindness. Let me know on seesaw what you decided to do.

2. Take some time out for yourself today to do some quiet mindfulness colouring or draw a picture. I have uploaded some colouring pictures to seesaw. You might like to do this one and put it in your window to show your thanks.

3. To link to our Maths work, can you carry out a survey to find out information about what people in your family like? It may be their favourite food, favourite colour, their best holiday destination or favourite subject at school – whatever you want to find out! See who you can phone or facetime and ask the question to – take some time out to have a chat with someone!

Have a lovely day and keep up the hard work!! xx

Parents – Please read the note I have added to your child’s seesaw feed. I would welcome any feedback. Thanks x

Home Learning 1.4.20

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