A massive well done to everyone who was busy with the blog tasks yesterday…every time I logged onto seesaw I was greeted with many new posts – it was great to see…here are a few examples of the two tasks…

As you can see some absolutely brilliant learning has taken place! I love Freddie’s hairy legs on grandma and Reuben’s fab drawing. Well done to Pippa and Leo who turned their labelling into a video. Also a big shout out to Lachlan who learnt some body parts in French aswell and also to Oliver and Louisa who posted all the things that they had been busy with over the holidays.

Recipe Challenge Update – After seeing what I had posted on the blog yesterday, Maisie and Matilda wanted to do some baking…we didn’t have all the ingredients at home for the recipes I posted so, as I suggested yesterday, we chose one of our own….mars bar traybake, it was very yummy! Feel free to post any recipe you try out…we could even end up with Class 3’s Lockdown Recipe Book by the end!

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – I have added this weeks spelling pattern to Purple Mash. This week our focus is the prefix ‘re’ for example, return, recycle, review etc.

Maths – If we had been in school this week, we would have been starting a unit looking at Equivalent Fractions. When we did fractions in Spring Term, you impressed me so much so we are going to try and build on this at home!

Your challenge today is to explore equivalent fractions. I have added details to an activity on seesaw.

Can you use some things at home to show some equivalent fractions? Lego, playdough or even food may be useful. How many equivalent fractions can you find? You may wish to use the fraction wall to help, can you cut it up and see which fractions are equal?

2/6 = 1/3 3/6 = 1/2. 4/6 = 2/3

PARENTS – Please let me know how you get on with this and using the teaching file. Obviously in class I would do lots of talking and questioning linked to the concept – which is difficult to show on a screen!

PE – In PE, to link to our healthy lifestyles work, I thought it would be fun to create our own workouts!

So, like we often do in English, we need to start by ‘magpie-ing’ some ideas…can you complete one of the workouts below….get everyone at home involved and post some photos to show me how much fun you had! (if you are feeling really energetic – try both – which did you like best?)

Can you work out the 3 main parts of the lesson?

Clear back the sofa and get active!!

Home Learning 21.4.20

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