Another fab day of learning yesterday, well done guys! I must start with a big shout out to Maisie, Nancy and Arthur who were the first people to get busy in the kitchen with the recipe challenge. Well done, your pizzas looked very yummy! (Well done to George as well – looks like you had pepperoni!)

I was also very impressed with the fraction work I saw. It looked like you remembered lots from before Easter – well done.

I hope you enjoyed our PE sessions. It looked like you did from the photos!

Well done to those who took it a step further and designed their own workouts! In case you feel the need for some more fitness, below is some workouts from members of Class 3!

Today’s Challenges

1.English – Time for some more of George’s Marvellous Medicine…Read Chapter 3 (George begins to make the medicine) to the end of Chapter 6 (brown paint) or listen to the next part below….

This is my favourite part when George makes the medicine, I love all the different things he adds and the different verbs Roald Dahl uses to explain what George is doing!

Your task today is to design your own marvellous medicine! Can you use some amazing adjectives to explain the different items you would add? Can you include some adverbs to tell me how to add the different ingredients?You could complete this as a set of instructions, a list of ingredients, a drawing of the massive bottle or saucepan with pictures and labels of everything you would put in, or even a video of you pretending to make the medicine and telling everyone what you are adding and how – the choice is yours! I can’t wait to see your creations!

I have added some templates and wordbanks to seesaw which you may wish to use.

2.Wellbeing – After last term’s success of Wellbeing Wednesday – I thought I would bring it back. However, today’s task also links to our Computing unit. Can you create your own ‘living museum’? Your challenge is to find 3 or 4 items that are important to you and take photographs of them. You could display the items together and take one photograph or maybe take photos of each item and then use a photo collage app (such as pic collage) to create a picture. I will upload some tomorrow and then your challenge will be to guess who the items belong to – how well do you know your friends??!

Have fun, check back tomorrow to see who was busy posting work!

Home Learning 22.4.20

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  • It looks like you are all keeping real busy as well as active. The pizzas look real tasty. My favourite food. The rockets you made look fantastic.

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