Friday was another fab day of home learning by Class 3, I was wowed by more marvellous medicines, impressed by the food being cooked in the homes of Brandesburton and I felt extremely proud of the lovely writing that came from our Pobble task.

In addition, I must give a big shout out to Pippa and Leo who were fab older siblings helping make FS Pirate Day lots of fun!

As I thought they would, the PE challenges also featured highly in my seesaw newsfeed on Friday! Nancy had an attempt to regain the title of cartwheel queen but could not beat 39 set by Maisie! Nancy, Arthur and Phoebe all attempted Annabelle’s star jump challenge, as did Leo, who used his bed as he didn’t have a trampoline. Arthur scored 59, Leo 48 (it definitely looked trickier on a bed) and Phoebe 68 but it was Nancy who scored the most and is the new leader of the challenge with 69. Can anyone beat Maisie or Nancy?

Finally, a very important piece of news came late on Friday afternoon….Tom has finally lost his first tooth!!!!!! He posted an all important message to show me!

Today’s Challenges

If we had been in school this week, we would have been doing work to celebrate VE Day and 75 years since the end of World War Two in Europe. I plan to still do this and set a range of activities on Wednesday and Thursday for you to complete. I would also love to hear that on Friday you have all had party’s at home to celebrate!

However, before then we need to finish our work on George’s Marvellous Medicine and a few other things…so lets get busy.

EnglishGeorge’s Marvellous Medicine -Today we are going to look at Part 4 of the story (chapters 9-11 ) Have a read/listen to the events and as you read/listen make a list of the different animals that George gives the medicine to – this will be useful for your task.

Your challenge today is to imagine that George and his father have decided to open a ‘Marvellous Farm’ tourist attraction for people to visit the strange animals and Grandma! Imagine a slightly different Honeysuckle Farm! You are in charge of marketing for the farm. You need to design a poster to advertise it or a leaflet with a map to give to visitors. Think carefully what else you would include on the farm to encourage people to visit, for example, a play area.


Warm up – The warm up comes from Luke and his PE challenge from last week which practiced his multiplication Skills. Can you invent your own game which can be used to practice your multiplication skills?

Main Session – Can you design an assault course around your garden or house and time yourself to go round it. You could include a balance, a jump, something to climb over, something to crawl under or something to ride on. You may need to draw a plan or a map of your course so you can check it works…Think out of the box – use anything you have in the garden or house!

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Computing – For our computing work on taking photographs, I would like you to take some photographs of you or a family member ‘in action’. This could be doing something from your assault course, for example – a star jump, running, kicking a ball, throwing a ball in the air – anything that means your body parts are in different directions. Please take some photos, if you can add them to a photo collage and upload them to seesaw – you will need them tomorrow?!!

Have a great day Mrs A

Home Learning 4.5.20

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