Yesterday was another busy day on Seesaw. I saw assault courses, photographs of people leaping and some amazing maps and leaflets to advertise George’s Farm. I think many of you could go down to Honeysuckle Farm and get a job on their marketing team!

A big shout out to Lachlan and Alasdair who also made promotional videos for the farm…Alasdair’s even had the ‘Eggy Weggy Cafe’ and you could buy some of the magic medicine in the gift shop! Have a listen to Lachlan’s would it make you want to visit the farm?

I saw so many fab ideas for your assault courses, there were 3 legged races, ironing boards, logs to jump over, slides, blankets to commando crawl under and balls being thrown, kicked and bounced – really good ideas, some fab teamwork and brilliant photos taken – you will need these photos today?!?!?

One assault course I must share with you though is James’s, he took full advantage of the space at the farm and all the different tyres he could find – brilliant work Mr!

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – This week’s spelling pattern on Purple Mash is adding the suffix -ly to words. For example, happy – happily, gentle – gently – think carefully about what you do with the root word before adding -ly.

English – Today we get the 5th and final installment of George’s Marvellous Medicine.Watch or read chapters 12 to the end. Enjoy….

Well, did you expect that ending? Do you feel sorry for Grandma or do you think this is what she deserved?

For your final challenge, like we do in Guided Reading, I would like you to complete a book review of the story. You can do this however you like, as a written review, a poster or a video you might even want to try and download the app ‘Chatterpix kids’ to make the front cover of the book talk in the style of a review. Its up to you, I have uploaded a book review template to Purple Mash and some to seesaw just in case you need them.

Wooden Human Mannequin - Wooden Drawing Model Sectioned Posable ...

Art – Our Art unit this term is all about drawing people in action, so your challenge today is to use your photographs from yesterday to draw yourself. Often when people draw figures, they use a movable wooden model to help them position the different body parts. We are going to start the unit by making our own models out of foil. Can you get yourself some foil and shape it into a person shape as shown below?

tin foil figures with shadow | Elementary art, Art classroom

Next, use your model to help you draw yourself. Shape the foil to match your photograph and then get busy drawing. Watch this video for some helpful hints.

Remember to upload a photo of your foil model and your drawings so I can share them tomorrow. Do not throw your person away we will need them later in the unit.

Draw More People in Action by Diana-Huang in 2020 (With images ...

As I am in school today, I will have a go at this challenge and post my drawings as well! I bet your drawings will be better than mine!

Have fun Mrs A

Home Learning 5.5.20

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