It is official BRANDESBURTON HAS TALENT!!!!! I was so impressed yesterday with the seesaw feed of class 3. Not only with the amazing talents you had to show but also with your amazing poetry writing!!!

I said not to worry if you didn’t write all your poem today but I received finished, amazingly presented poems – I felt so proud!! Don’t worry if you haven’t finished them yet – I will give you some more time on Friday.

Here are some of your poems so far….

Now for your talents, don’t worry if you didn’t have chance to upload your talent – I will continue to upload any I get…You really made me smile with them…thank you!

First up…Zak wanted to share his Mum’s talent – look at the fab rainbow that his mum made him!! I love it Zak!

Next up Jack, he is showing his Mum’s, his own and Chloe’s amazing drawing skills – seriously good skills guys!

More drawing up next from Reuben…brilliant ideas….I love to see your artwork.

Now for some videos, first up, Nancy and Arthur…can you work out who their impressions are of?!?!? This made me laugh so much….

Next…Maisie, lots of talents in this one…video making, baking and the splits!

Time for Annabelle….giant skipping! This certainly isn’t easy! Well done!

Maddie also wanted to share her new skills…more skipping and roller blading…I used to love roller blading!

Let’s go to Nunkeeling next and Tom…love how everyone has got involved…fab video Tom!

Next up….Freddie….Brilliant Lego building….so detailed Fred…Well done.

More lego next from Lachlan and Alasdair but this time an amazing animation…love this so much!

Some gymnastics next from Olivia….amazing skills here…well done Liv!

Next to Rosie….look at that wiggle!! So speedy!!

Next up is Leo with some amazing singing…guest staring Thomas and is brilliant Leo!!!

Some more singing next with Nancy…amazing…definitely a golden buzzer!

Last but not least is Pippa with some amazing colouring, and also brilliant video making skills…

Well Class 3, this proves it – what a talented bunch you are!! I am so impressed!!! A massive well done!

Right, onto some work for today….

Today’s Challenges

Maths – Firstly a little bit more work on time, I hope you have kept your fab clock safe because you will need it again today. If not the two links below are to interactive clocks which also have digital time which will be very handy for you.

We are going to continue working on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and also look at digital time today. For a quick recap, can you cut out the cards (also on seesaw) and then play matching pairs?

After this, have a look at how the digital time works – I have included some slides to help you understand how it works.

Can you write the digital times for the matching card game and then play the game again trying to match all three time types?

You might also want to check out these websites…

Computing – Continuing with our work on photography, today I want you to experiment with the photo editing tools on your tablet, phone etc. Can you take a photo of something or someone at your house and see if you can alter the photo? For example, you might change the colour setting, add something to the image, change it to black and white or use a funny filter. If you want an extra challenge, you could take a few different photos and see if you can make a piccollage of them – have fun experimenting but make sure you ask permission before borrowing someone’s tablet/phone!!

Have a great day. Mrs A x

Ps Look out for an extra treat from Leo on your newsfeed later today…a special storytime!

Home Learning 14.5.20

6 thoughts on “Home Learning 14.5.20

  • A M A ZING Class three so much talent. You are all brilliant. Nancy your impression of Mrs Ledingham was fantastic! We nearly spat out our cornflakes!! It’s a yes from us!

  • We have viewed all of your amazing talents and we will give everyone a golden buzzer but mum wants to give Leo two!

  • WOWZERS!!! Class 3, what amazing poems and talents – you are all super stars! Well done
    Love Mrs B xx

  • Thank you ?????☁️????????????? I’ve watched all of your talents and I think there are all amazing too x

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