Hi Class 3, when I finally came online at 7.30pm last night after a fun day in school I was so impressed to see almost 60 posts to approve!!!! Well done to everyone who practiced telling the time and finding out about muscles. I loved all your fab clock designs – I must mention Olivia who didn’t have a split pin so she used her Brandesburton badge from 175 years – great idea Liv!!! Which clock design would you like in your bedroom? Arthur, I bet you like Jack’s Hull KR coloured clock!

I was also really impressed to see everyone’s fab muscle posters and information sheets. When I had a read I definitely found out things I didn’t know!

Well done to anyone who tried the moving arms and hands. We had a try in school and thanks to Mrs Holland we had success!!

Well done to Lachlan and Alasdair who also made a fab model…

Wow Class 3, as you can see, there really was so much to show you…finally I get to today’s challenges…!

Today’s Challenges

English – Today we are going to use our colours and nouns linked to the rainbow to create some poems. We are going to base our ideas around the game ‘Eye Spy’ and each verse is going to follow the same pattern.

For Example….

Please share your fab ideas and poems on seesaw for me to see. We are going to continue working on these on Friday, so don’t worry if you don’t get it finished today. A perfect poem may take time!

Wellbeing Wednesday – I decided on this activity at the weekend whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent…today I want…BRANDESBURTON’S GOT TALENT!

Your challenge is to share your talents with us all. It might be a song, a dance, a gymnastic move, a joke, riding your bike, a drawing, a medal, a certificate or a new skill you have learnt…whatever you are proud of…you have 20-30 seconds to perform/show your talent. Please don’t feel you have to take part but I know you all have special talents and things you are proud of! Perhaps you could have your own show at home and share all your talents together.

I will start us off…Here is some artwork I did with the girls a few weeks ago, I was really proud of my drawings and was quite surprised with myself!

I can’t wait to see your talents. Have fun!

Home Learning 13.5.20

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