Class 3 you are officially fab shop designers….I love some of your brilliant names, I would definitely visit your shops. Take a look for yourself….

At Pippa’s house, Pippa, Libby and Mummy all got involved to make their own high street! Ice cream parlour, sandwiches and interiors, which would you visit?

Well done to everyone who also completed the sandwich time problems and to those who caught up with other work – you made me feel proud. Here are today’s challenges…

Today’s Challenges

English – Sam’s Sandwich – As we know Sam is very sneaky with his sister’s sandwich and he added little ‘surprises’ for her. The story ends like this….

Licking ketchup from her lips, she reached her sticky fingertips towards the plate and grabbed the bread. ‘Would you like some, Sam?’ she said. ‘Thank you sis. You’re very kind, But count me out, if you don’t mind. I’m full. I’m stuffed. I really am, so you can have it all’ said Sam.

Can you write the next part of the story? What happens when Samantha eats the sandwich? What does Sam do? I would love to see your fab ideas..if you want to illustrate or even film the next part have a go…just have fun!

Top sandwich fillings: We munch through 11.5 billion sandwiches ...

Wellbeing/Maths – So, yesterday you designed your own sandwich shop, logo and name – I was so impressed with your fab ideas! Today it is time to think about your menu. When opening a shop it is important to sell products that people will buy. So today you need to complete some important market research (also known as having a chat) I would like you to choose 5/6 sandwich fillings and phone/text people to find out which are most popular. Can you then put this information into a table or graph to show which sandwich types are most popular?

If you would like to add my opinion to your research, I would choose tuna and Mrs Ledingham would like prawn (but hers has to be on brown bread!!!)

I can’t wait to see your story endings and sandwich surveys – have a great day x

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