Class 3, you seriously excelled yourselves yesterday – I had over 60 pieces of work to look at and approve. I received amazing stories, films, sandwich shops, market research surveys, fairies delivering books and even magic tricks! I was so, so impressed!!

Some of your fab story endings…

Such well presented market research…

And adverts from Leo…

Today’s Challenges

Maths/Design – So, you should now know from your market research, which sandwich fillers are most popular and this will help you decide which sandwiches you are going to sell in your shop. Your challenge today is to make a menu/price list for your shop. Think carefully about the information below and other information you might find on the internet. You don’t want to price your sandwiches too high but also not too low! Will you sell any other items in your shop? Will you do any meal deals? I would love to see your creative menus….

French – The French are renown for their cafes and sandwiches so to link with our sandwich work I thought we could find out some names of different french foods and then play a game of matching pairs. Have a listen to these french words. Do you have any for sale in your shop? Next have a go at the matching pairs or snap game on seesaw. Bonne Chance!

Finally, an extra challenge for anyone wanting to take part….

As we all know, Mrs Platten is our Science co-ordinator and she has given us the chance to be part of the National Great Science Share.

The Great Science Share project is asking as many children and families as possible to take part in the Groove-along. You need to watch the video which takes you through the simple dance steps needed to perform and how to film it. You can submit your video to be included as part of a national video montage.

You can find out more about it on the main National Share website here: https://www.greatscienceshare.org/great-science-groove

Who is going to get their GROOVE ON?

Home Learning – 21.5.20

2 thoughts on “Home Learning – 21.5.20

  • Bonjour! Amazing stories, All those poor big sisters being made sick ?

    Hope you all join in with the Great Science Share, Science isn’t dull!!

    Carey madhouse xx

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