IMPORTANT…Final details about the new blog below…..(Sneak Preview)

Class 3 – Such fab work and ideas were seen yesterday – brilliant cartoons and text messages, dances and you are clearly photography superstars!! It looks like you all had fun with this challenge! We also had great fun doing the photography challenge in school…can you spot me on this one!!!

Have a look at some of the amazing photos I received…

I also received these fab videos….

Great work from everyone….

Advance Notice – NEXT WEEK

So, today will be the last time we do the blog like this and next week we move to our new whole school blog. I’m sure it will still be as much fun and you will be set lots of great activities from all our teachers…just as a little secret….I will tell you what next week’s theme is…Under the Sea!

The reason we have chosen this, is because on Monday it is World Ocean Day and lots is happening…Have a look at the link below to see what is going to take place and the different times they will happen. For example, you can learn to breathe like a dolphin, listen to stories or try some yoga. You might even want to dress in blue especially for the day? If you do take part in anything, please remember to post it on seesaw so I can see!

Some of the things you might like to try, click on the link to find out when many others are happening on Monday.

Today’s Challenges

Just one task and our Friday treat today, just to give anyone a chance to finish off things before the weekend.

Design – For our final piece of Technology work, I would like you to design a meal for me! You don’t need to actually cook it (you could if you wanted to!) but it must contain foods from all the different food groups.

Can you find out what the main food groups are? Use these groups to plan your meal. Try to make sure your meal has the right balance of each group. If you want to include a pudding and a drink that would be lovely (no coffee or leeks though I don’t like them!)

Friday Treat – Reflect – So as I said this will be the last time I will post activities like this on the blog. I am feeling both happy and sad when I think about all the fab things we have done. The challenges that stick in my mind are Brandesburton Got Talent, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Disney art, sandwich making, rockets and the alien spaceship in my garden!!

Which activities have you enjoyed?

For your treat today, I want you to sit down with a drink and a snack and have a look through all your posts on seesaw or on the blog, which activities did you like best? Remember to ‘like’ the posts so I can see which you enjoyed. If you wanted to, you could really test your IT skills and screen shot your favourites, crop the photos and make a piccollage to show me your ‘best moments’ or our ‘best blog moments’.

Maybe sit and look with the grown up who has helped you to achieve all of this, and as you look, thank them for all the help they have given you.

I must also THANK YOU to you guys…Class 3, you have all been great…you have definitely made lockdown FUN! I personally think of all the blogs, ours has been the best!!! I can’t wait to see even more fun through our new whole school approach…keep working hard, uploading to seesaw and remember to check on here next Friday when I will post a round up of the week and another Friday treat!!!

Stay Safe #Class3rule #TeamAltoft

Home Learning 5.6.20 (Friday)

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  • Thank you all class 3. You have made us smile throughout lockdown. We have enjoyed the activities and have learnt new skills. We miss you all very much. Love from Arthur and Nancy.

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