Morning Class 3, fantastic work yesterday – I received an amazing 82 pieces of work! I loved the chance to find out what you all got for Christmas, I tried to guess everyone’s answers – please check back in the comments on seesaw under your riddle to see if I got your answer correct. I definitely struggled more with the boy’s toys!! Well done to those who worked out my riddle – It was my new hoody!

Here are some of your amazing riddles. You will need them for today’s English challenge below!

Wow sooooo many! I have tried to add everyone’s, so sorry if I have missed anyone’s it was 11pm last night that I was writing this and I was very tired!

I was also impressed with all your bookmarks. Thanks to those who shared their book choices, look out for some challenges soon to link to your book. Your New Years Resolutions were also such great ideas. They would have made such a great display in the classroom.

I love them all! Right onto today and your next set of challenges…hope you are up for it…..!

Today’s Challenges

English After all your amazing present riddles, I must set you the challenge of reading each others work. Have a look at each riddle above or on the PDF saved on seesaw on the activities tab, (they might be better to read on the PDF) they are numbered …….. can you work out what present is being described in each riddle? Upload your answers to seesaw and I will let you know how everyone did. Make sure you check I got your answer correct on seesaw as well. I found some of them very tricky! (Depending on what device you are using, the quality may not be great, if you are struggling to read one or two, just miss them out)

If you enjoyed the riddle solving why not try some more…Here are some very tricky riddles to solve….maybe you could solve them as a family or if you are really stuck you could do some searching on the internet to see if you can work out the answers. Even if you don’t work them out – it was good reading practice!

Maths – Today you need to multi-task, you will need to do some question asking and then produce a graph of your results, because I would like to know…

There's something for everyone in our Gifts in Action collection - especially that tricky person who 'has it all'

What is the most popular type of Christmas present among your family and friends?

If you are at school you can ask the people in your bubble – if you are at home you can text/ring some close family and friends! (Remember to ask permission first)

I would like you to create a tally chart and then a bar chart to show me some of the different types of presents that you and your friends and family received at Christmas. Its up to you how you decide to group different types of presents. Some ideas I thought of could be: gifts that use electricity, clothes, board games, action figures and dolls, food etc. You might also need an ‘other’ group for items that do not fit into any of your categories.

Once you have drawn up your tally chart, you will need to get busy texting or phoning people to ask them. They can only chose one type of present. When you have got lots of results, you need to turn them into a bar chart. I have added a template to seesaw that might help you or you could use 2calculate on Purple Mash that we used in the Autumn Term.(Remember, your Purple Mash log in is stuck in your reading log).

I will get you started on your survey my hoody would go into the clothes category. I can’t wait to see which is the most popular present type. Please post your tally charts and graphs on seesaw so I can share them all tomorrow.

PE – Today I thought you might enjoy this…find a space in your living room and enjoy some Dancestars. Maybe you could get all your family involved for your daily exercise! When you have finished I want you to think of how exercising makes you feel and write down a few words and phrases. I wonder if we will all come up with the same answers, I wonder whether our words would be different depending on the time of day, remember to share your words with me. Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a great day…get working!

Mrs A x

Home Learning Thursday 7.1.21

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