I quick video from me to start off this morning (I’m wearing the hoody I described in my riddle last week!!) Hope you are all ok and ready to get busy with some more home learning….

Today’s Challenges

Your daily checklist…..

  1. English – Looking closely at the poem
  2. Maths – Using our times table skills
  3. Science – Light and Dark
  4. French – Greetings
  5. Well-being Wednesday – Scavenger Hunt

English – Today we are going to continue to look at the poem ‘The Magic Box’. Have another read through the poem then work on answering the questions below. Either use the note tool on seesaw to write down your answers or write on a piece of paper and upload to seesaw.

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Maths – Let’s start today with some active times table practice, can you join in with this….


Right, let’s apply some of these multiplication skills…you have got some problems to solve today. You can choose one of the problems or both. You will need to do lots of trial and error. Even if you don’t get the answer – you will have practiced your times tables!

Investigation 1. (the cards are saved on seesaw if you wanted to cut them out but you can easily just write each one down.) Choose one to start with – can you sort them so they move around in a loop – for example, 3 x 6 = 18 – 3 = 15 etc.

Investigation 2 – Can you use the information you have to work out Mum’s age – remember to read the facts carefully.

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Light Bulb clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla

Science – Our Science theme for this term is Light and Sound. We are going to start by looking at Light. Before we start, have a think what you would like to find out. Note your questions and ideas down and keep them safe. At the end of the unit we will see if we have found out the answers. Right lets get started…

Follow this video through pausing when asked to complete the different mini tasks.


French Continuing our French learning last term, have a listen to this French song.


Can you remember the different greetings we learnt? Use the words below from the song to help you.

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Next see if you can join in this song….


Finally, can you have a conversation with someone at home using these words and phrases? Ask them how they are feeling? Can you tell them how you are feeling?

Wellbeing Wednesday -A bit of fun to finish the afternoon, your challenge is to go on a scavenger hunt…can you find items for each of the criteria? Upload a photo of all your items so I can see what you found….

Have a lovely day.

Home Learning – Wednesday 13.1.21

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