First off, a massive Happy Birthday to Jacob for today….I hope you have a lovely day!

More amazing work yesterday guys, you clearly understand the poem well and you had no problems with the Maths – well done!! Bit of a fun day for you today, performing…designing…making….researching….dancing….you will be busy but hopefully you will enjoy yourself as well! I can’t wait to see what you get upto!

Grab a grown up and get reading today’s challenges….Or read them yourself…its all good reading practice!

Daily Timetable

  1. Guided Reading – 20 minutes quiet reading time
  2. English – a spot of acting / performing
  3. Maths – making a game
  4. Theme – research questions
  5. PE – Dancestars/Joe Wicks

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – Remember the book you chose last week and began to read. To start with today, I would like you to spend 20 minutes reading it. Set a timer on a phone or Alexa and get reading. If you are a year 3, I know last year, you used the website ‘Epic’ to read online. I think I have managed to set the class up on it this year (i say think because I haven’t used it before!!) The log in details can be found below. Let me know how you get on!

English – Fab work yesterday Class 3, you are really understanding the poem. One more challenge linked to the original poem today, before we start to plan, write and perform our own poems. Today I would like you to choose part of the poem and perform it. You can do this by using the video icon on seesaw. Feel free to have a bit of fun with your recording – you might want to rope in other members of the family or even add some props from the poem or even costumes…have fun with it! Here is Maisie and Matilda’s quick effort…..

Maths – Let’s start with another active song…

Next, to further work on our multiplication skills I would like you to make your own multiplication game. You will find some ideas below. Have a look around the house to see what you can find to use, choose a times table to focus, or you might focus on more than one times table and create a game. When your game is finished grab someone to play your game with. I can’t wait to see photographs of your ideas and of you playing your game. Maybe we could use your ideas in the maths area when we return to school.

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Theme – So now that we all have passports and we are real Anglo Saxons or Vikings. We are going to find out some more about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they came to Britain. To start off with, watch these two short videos.

So, what did you find out? Imagine you are this Anglo Saxon man, can you answer his questions?….watch the videos again to help you and then type your answers to the template I have added as an activity on seesaw (using text boxes for your answers) If you are struggling with the activity and text boxes just write your answers and upload a photo, either way is fine. Remember to use first person ‘I’ because you are being the man.

PE – Dance – Another Dancestars video for you to follow today. This week’s theme is Musicals. Enjoy

If you don’t fancy Dancestars. Have a go at Joe Wicks like Ruby and Jack have done.

Have a great day x

Home Learning Thursday 14.1.21

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