Hi Class 3, I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed some fun family time. I loved the photos on Friday afternoon of Lego building, bun baking and beach exploring – well done for doing something you enjoy!

As promised, here is the video of your amazing Magic Box poems. I enjoyed watching them so much!

Amazing work!

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme

Today’s Challenges

Spelling/Phonics – I thought we would do spellings / phonics today in order to give you a little longer to practice the words/sounds throughout the week.

If you are in my spelling group, this week’s spelling pattern is words with a short ‘u’ sound spelt ‘ou’ for example, tough, cousin, trouble. Please practise words with this spelling pattern this week…you may want to complete the loop cards or wordsearch (saved on seesaw)…or practise your spellings through the 2Do saved on Purple Mash…or write some sentences with the words in. I will schedule another spelling time tomorrow so you can complete another activity.

As last week, I will be asking your grown up to test you on the spellings listed here on Friday (the words used on purple mash are slightly different but use the same spelling pattern)

Phonics – This week Mrs Prince’s group will look at the long vowel sound for ‘e’ – we already know the sound ‘ee’ and today we will be looking at ‘ea’. Have a watch of the video below.

Next, see if you can read the postcard below (also saved to seesaw) can you highlight the ‘ea’ words? Can you spot any other words that make the long vowel sound ‘e’? Can you work out another ‘e’ spelling pattern that we will look at tomorrow?

English – So Class 3, today we are going to start writing our own Magic Box poems. To find out your task you can either watch the video of me below or read on to find out. I can’t wait to see this part of your poem.

So, we are going to start by designing our own boxes. This could simply be by drawing your design or if you wanted you could get a bit creative and make your own box. When you have created it, I would like you to think carefully about how you will describe your box in the poem. Have a look at this part of the poem. Can you use some detailed adjectives and some great description to describe your box…what is it made of, what is on the lid, how does it open? I can’t wait to see what you create and write.

Maths – We are going to move on from Multiplication (but keep practicing those times tables) to look at a different mathematical area this week. I wanted something a little practical that you could get busy with so I thought today we would start to look at Length.

To start with today, I would like you to find a ruler or a tape measure. If you cannot find one at home, perhaps you could make your own. Then I would like you to find some items to measure. Can you record their measurements and then sort them into items that measure more than a metre and less than a metre? You could maybe use pic collage or add photos to a page on seesaw to show the measurements and sort photographs of each item.

Theme – So last week we found out that the Anglo Saxons came to Britain as their own land was flooded. Anglo-Saxon Britain wasn’t ruled by one person and the Anglo-Saxons were not united. Today, I would like you to find out about the different kingdoms that were created. Use the map here, an atlas and the internet to find out.

Can you label your own map (uploaded to seesaw) and then answer the challenge questions? Think carefully about how you can use an internet search engine to help with your answers.

Have a lovely day. Go get busy! Mrs Altoft x

Home Learning – Monday 18.1.21

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