Wow Class 3 – We have got to the end of the first full week of home learning – I can honestly say WELL DONE – you have all worked your socks off and tried so hard. I have decided on a Friday not to post too many tasks so I can give everyone a chance to catch up and be ready to start a fresh on a Monday morning. I will also post the oh so important Friday treat – which you definitely deserve!

Your work this week has been soooo good and has made me smile – especially yesterday’s English challenge – I loved to see how you had roped in brothers and sisters to help – I hope you all enjoyed doing it! Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to get a bit technical and put them all into one big video to share on the blog – watch this space! Your game ideas were also amazing – keep them safe and when this is all over hopefully we can all bring them into school to play them together.

Here is a few photos of some of the fab work I have received over the past few days…..can you spot yours?

Freddie baked the cake in the photo!!!!

Are you impressed? I certainly am!!

One final big shout out to Ruby who did an online first aid course this week and now knows how to put someone in the recovery position!

Right onto today….

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Maths
  4. Finishing off Friday
  5. Friday Treat

Today’s Challenges

Spelling/Phonics – If you are in my spelling group, today we will have a spelling test of words linked to our spelling pattern. Please ask a grown up to test you on 5 of the spellings. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct, it is something we can all continue to practice throughout the year. A reminder of the words are below. Good Luck.

Phonics – If you are in Mrs Prince’s phonics group, today we are going to look at another long vowel sound for ‘ai’ – ay. The ‘ay’ sound it often found at the end of a word for example Monday, play, stay, away. Have a watch of the video to practice this sound. As an extra challenge can you write some sentences with some ‘ay’ words in?

Sentence Structure and Grammar – Like a normal Friday, here is your sentence structure and grammar session. Today we are looking at simple sentences. This will be a bit of a recap from Autumn Term but we can build on it as the weeks progress. So, listen carefully to the instructions, pausing when you are asked and completing the activities as you go along.

When you have finished the video, upload your notes and sentences to seesaw so I can see how you got on.

Maths – As a bit of consolidation for multiplication this week, please access the websites below. Think carefully about which tables you choose to practice in order to ensure you are challenging yourself. Depending on which device you are using, some sites may not work, if this is the case, please access the multiplication games on purple mash or do some practice on times tables rockstars.

Finishing off Friday – Some of you may have a few bits from the week to finish off, if you do, please spend some time doing that today. Sorry if you struggled to access the Theme task yesterday, I fell asleep with Matilda and forgot to upload the template! Thanks to Freddie who emailed to remind me!! It is still saved on the activities if anyone didn’t get chance to do it.

If you have done everything….which is the case for lots of you……..then it is onto the FRIDAY TREAT!!!!!

FRIDAY TREAT….It is cold and wet outside, so do something you enjoy…snuggle down with a DVD, play a family board game, challenge yourself to build with some Lego, play with your new Christmas presents….whatever you choose….ENJOY IT, you deserve it – you have worked hard this week!

PARENTS – You also deserve to do something you enjoy…so enjoy a cuppa (or something stronger!!!) Seriously, well done and thank you – I know its not easy but you are all doing great!!!

See you Monday x

Home Learning – Friday 15.1.21

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