Class 3, I was so impressed with your work yesterday – over 100 posts received again!! Your sketching skills for the Art task was amazing and your language choices for your poem ideas were fantastic – I can’t wait to see your finished poems. Right, lets get started on today’s tasks…..

Daily Timetable

  1. English – Using our ideas to write some of our poem
  2. Maths- Metres and Centimetres
  3. Science – Reflective Materials
  4. French – Pets
  5. Well-Being Wednesday

Today’s Challenges

English – Today we are going to look at using all our fab ideas from yesterday to write our own poems using the style of the original poem. I would like you to take your ideas and turn them into the format of the poem. Press play to have a look at my example below and see how I have begun to group my ideas together and then get busy writing yours…

Maths – So, now we have looked at measuring in metres and centimetres, next we need to look at how they work together and can be equivalent measurements.Have a watch of the video below and pause it to complete the question on the sheet. Remember the questions get trickier as the sheet goes through so please just do as much as you can.

Science – Last week, after our introduction to light, you thought of some fab questions linked to the topic. One of the questions asked was ‘What surfaces reflect light?’ so I thought we would explore that this week.

To start with lets have a watch of this video to explain how reflective materials work.

Next, I would like you to see if you can find a torch/light and explore some different materials in your house. Can you sort them into those that reflect light and those that absorb light?

Now I would like you to help Matilda and I, Matilda got a new scooter for Christmas and she loves to ride it. However, it is very dark on a night and not very safe to ride. Can you design her a new safe scooter/clothing or scooter accessories so she can ride on a night? You will need to think about how she can be safe in both lit and unlit streets. I can’t wait to see your ideas. You may want to even use your own scooter or bike to show your designs.

If you would like to find out more about reflective materials, here is a lesson from Oak Academy .

French – Do you know the names of any animals in French? This week we are going to look at pet animals. Take a look at these images. Which names are similar or the same as in English? These will be the easiest one to learn. Which looks the most different? Challenge yourself to learn that one. Remember un or une means ‘a’. un is masculine and une is feminine

Now you can start to use some of the animal vocabulary in a sentence. Look at this image

What do you think the children are saying to each other?

The girl is asking if the boy has any pets and the boy replies that he has a dog.

Your task is to create some similar conversations. You can use any of the animals from the photos above. There is a speech bubble template on Seesaw or you can write your sentences and upload photos of your work.

Next, lets share a song…Mathurin’s farm

Finally, if you want to consolidate your knowledge further, you can try this online game. Only some of it uses animal vocabulary but it is a fun way to recap on your French vocabulary generally.

Well-Being – We all know home learning is not easy and you will probably have some tricky moments. Today I would like you to make a ‘You Are’ jar to use at those tricky times. Cut up some small pieces of paper and write down some positive things about yourself, then pop them in a jar to choose from and read when you need to. I’ll get you all started with one….I AM SMART…I CAN DO IT!

Have a lovely day. I am in school again today so I might be a little late approving and commenting on posts – but I will get to them so get uploading!

Home Learning – Wednesday 20.1.21

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