Wow Class 3 – amazing poems – your ideas were definitely better than mine! In school our amazing lines included….

I can’t wait to read some more of your poems today. Let’s get busy!

Daily Timetable

  1. Guided Reading – 20 minutes quiet reading plus task
  2. English – Writing the rest of our poem
  3. Maths- Metre/centimetre problem solving
  4. Theme – Exploring Anglo-Saxon Settlements
  5. PE – Dancestars!

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – Like we did last Thursday, I would like you to spend 20 minutes reading quietly to yourself or out loud to an adult. Set a timer on a phone or Alexa and get reading. When you have finished I would like you to re-design the front cover of your book based on what you have read so far. I can’t wait to see what books you have been reading. Post a photo on seesaw of your real cover and your new cover next to each other. Remember, if you want a new book to read, check out and use our class code HGP0707

English – Today we are going to complete the rest of our poems by writing the last two verses. Look carefully at the original poem – there are 3 verses about what is in the box – which you all wrote brilliantly yesterday, then a verse about what your box looks like (use your ideas from Monday for this part) and finally a verse about what you can do in the box. Watch my video below showing me writing the last two verses and then get busy writing yours.

Maths – Today we are going to continue to build on our knowledge of metres and centimetres and also try a spot of problem solving. Can you solve the problems linked to the heights of some children in a Year 3/4 class? (Information is also on seesaw)

Theme – So, we know where the Anglo-Saxons came from, why they came and the different kingdoms they created. Today we are going to look at how they settled and the different settlements they built. To start with, have a watch of this short video.

Ideas for your settlement

Today I would like you to design your own Anglo Saxon settlement. Use the cards below to design your settlement correctly – make sure you read them carefully. I have uploaded a template to seesaw if you wish to use it. For an extra challenge, you may wish to add a key to your map.

PE – A bit more dancestars for PE today. If you don’t fancy this, try Joe Wicks again or go for a walk and splash in some puddles!

I’ll catch up later on seesaw as I’m in school again today. Have a great day x

Home Learning – Thursday 21.1.21

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