Wow Class 3 it’s Monday again…I hope you had a lovely weekend. Another week of Home Learning ahead. As it is Children’s Mental Health Week this week, on Wednesday, we are going to have a ‘no screen’ day and focus on Wellbeing, but before then we have got two busy days with some more of Beowulf, some Maths work on weight and some more theme work….lets get started…

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme/Computing

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – For our spelling pattern this week we are going to look at the ‘shun’ sound which is spelt ‘sion’ for example division, explosion and television. This is quite a tricky spelling pattern so this week we are going to have three sessions to practise rather than a spelling test. Our focus words are below but I bet you can think of many more words with this pattern.

Firstly, have a watch of this little video and then see if you can find the incorrect ‘sion’ words.

Next, see if you can complete this online wordsearch looking for the ‘sion’ words (choose -sion)

I will post some more activities tomorrow and Friday to practice this spelling pattern.

Phonics – This week we are going to concentrate on the next long vowel sound ‘o’ – we already know ‘oa’ but also need to know ‘ow’, ‘oe’ and the split digraph ‘o_e’. Today we will focus on ‘ow’. Firstly, have a watch of Mr Thorne and read the words on the screen.

Next, use the spinning wheel to generate an ‘ow’ word. Can you read the word it stops on? Can you write the word into a sentence? I challenge you to write 3 sentences using ‘ow’ sounds.

English – Back to Beowulf….First of all, have a watch of this video, on Friday, Paige used her ‘finish off’ time to create this amazing puppet show of the story…have a watch to remind yourself of the events.

Today, we are going to look at the next part of the story and find out what happens to Beowulf and Grendal. Before we start I would like you to make a prediction – Tell a grown up what you think is going to happen next in the story, will Beowulf defeat the monster or will Grendal kill him as well? Watch carefully to find out if you are correct…. (part 1 we watched last week) (part 2 the next part of the story)

For your task today I would like you to continue your story map, if you still have the first part of the story, you could continue on there, if not just grab another piece of paper. Have a look at some from last week to remind yourself what to do….I can’t wait to see your pictures for the next part of the story…

Maths – Today we are going to move on from length to look at weight. A bit of a recap to start with, I have added some questions for you to complete on seesaw to recap the language we use connected to weight and comparing weight.

When you have completed them, see if you have any scales at home to compare some items for yourself. If you do not have any scales, perhaps you could make some sort of balance to compare some different items. This is what we made at home….

Can you write some statements to compare some items? Can you find a non-standard unit of measure (such as cubes, marbles, pasta) to weigh some items?

Theme/Computing – To finish off our work on houses and settlements in Anglo Saxon Times, today I want to set you the challenge of being an Estate Agent. I would like you to sell an anglo-saxon house or settlement to me or someone at home.

You can choose to sell a house from above or use your house you drew or made last week. I would like you to make a leaflet, poster, web page or video to show why I should buy your house, what is included with the house and how much it costs. Remember to use descriptive language to make it sound like the perfect home. You can use the template below if you wish, record a video or use the two templates I have saved as 2dos on purple mash.

Below is a video of a house being sold. Have a watch of a few seconds of it to see the type of language they use to make it sound amazing. Perhaps you could make a video to sell your anglo- saxon house.

Have a lovely day x

Home Learning – Monday 1.2.21

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