WARNING – LONG POST AHEAD – Grab a drink and a biscuit and have a look through this week’s amazing work – scroll slowly so you don’t miss anything – Today’s Challenges are down there somewhere!!!

Class 3 your hard work this week has really blown me away, I have seen great measuring, drawing, building, model making, writing, acting and drawing – everything you have been asked to do, you have done sooooooo well – you should be so proud of yourselves – I am EXTREMELY proud of you!!

Talking of proud, I think all of Class 3 would be very proud of this little lady….her act of kindness has made the Golf Club Newsletter!

Have a look at just a selection of the work completed – It is soooooo impressive!!

English – Beowulf work…..

Maths – Measuring….

Science – Shadows….

Click this link to see a brilliant explanation of how a shadow changes https://youtu.be/0V2KetaxRQ0

Theme – Brooches and houses….

Extra Bits…

It was so tricky to choose what to post – you are all superstars!!!

Right, onto today. I’ve not set too much work today to give you lots of time to finish off ready for Monday. Have a lovely day….

Daily Timetable

  1. Spellings/Phonics
  2. Grammar/Sentence Structure
  3. Maths
  4. RE
  5. Finishing off
  6. Friday Treat

Today’s Challenges

Spellings – For my spelling group, please ask a grown up to test you on this week’s spelling pattern. I’m happy if they just choose 5 to test you on, however, if you are feeling confident this week you can go for more. Here is a recap of the words to save you scrolling back through the blog. Good Luck – send me a photo of your results to let me know how you got on.

Phonics – To recap our work on the long vowel sound ‘i’, see if you can complete this cross word.


Sentence Structure and Grammar – Our next Oak Academy session for our grammar work today, this session continues to look at simple and compound sentences. Hopefully we can use some of them in our writing next week.


Maths – As we have finished our work on length, I thought we would have a bit of fun for Friday with two mini puzzles to solve. The first comes from a website I saw online and the second from the back of Maisie’s smoothie! We had fun at home testing both problems out, we tried both puzzles with lots of numbers to really test it out. I hope you have fun too – you may need a grown up, a bigger brother/sister or a calculator to help!

If you want another challenge, perhaps you could write your own puzzle like this for someone else to solve.

RE – So, last week we investigated Sikism, today we are going to explore Islam. Click on the link below to see what you can find out…


If you wanted an extra challenge you could draw a picture of a Mosque (Masjid).

Finishing off – Have a look back through the blog and see what you need to finish off. Perhaps your model house needs finishing or maybe you still need to investigate shadows. If you have nothing to finish…its on to the Friday Treat…

Friday Treat – A choice of two Art activities today….squiggle art or Disney Art…both are on seesaw…Enjoy and have a lovely weekend x

Home Learning – Friday 29.1.21

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