Gosh Class 3 it’s Friday again and you have completed another fab week of Home Learning – you have learnt lots, completed lots and made me smile LOTS! There are so many amazing pieces of work on seesaw from this week…from measuring to Beowulf, from diagrams of the eye to houses for sale, from necklaces to french animals – Week 5 really had EVERYTHING!!! I found it really tricky to choose some pieces of work to show you….I decided on some of the great things you got busy with on Wellbeing Wednesday…take a look for yourself…

Daily Timetable

  1. Spellings/Phonics
  2. Grammar/Sentence Structure
  3. Maths
  4. RE
  5. Finishing off
  6. Friday Treat

Todays Challenges

Spelling – A little bit more ‘sion’ practice to start the day today, I have saved the spelling pattern on Purple Mash for you to have a practice and the link below could be used to write some sentences with ‘sion’ words.

At Will’s request, I have also added a wordsearch to seesaw to give you a little more practice.

Phonics – On Monday and Tuesday, we looked at different long vowel ‘o’ sounds – ‘ow’ and ‘o_e’. Another phoneme that also makes this sound is ‘oe’, for example in words such as toe, goes, dominoes.

Today we are going to focus on all the long vowel sounds for ‘o’. Can you write labels for the following words?

As an extra challenge, can you choose some of the words to write into some sentences.

Sentence Structure and Grammar – Our next Oak Academy session for our grammar work today, this session introduces complex sentences. Listen carefully to the session so we can use this type of sentence in our own writing.


Maths – Today your Maths task is inspired by Liam, Freddie, Leo and Lottie who this week have got busy with some baking – the perfect way to test out your reading of scales and understanding of grams and kilograms. You might want to follow your favourite recipe or try something new. Below are some simple recipes to follow (we have made the Mars Bar cake – it is very yummy!) Please discuss your recipes with a grown up before starting.

RE – Today Mrs Atkinson would like us to explore an alternative celebration. Next week (Friday 12th February) is the start of the Chinese New Year. This year will be the year of the Ox. Have a watch of the video to see how and why the years were named after animals.

Can you find out what year you were born in? What about other people in your family?

Can you draw a picture of an ox or the animal from the year you were born. The animals are all very brightly coloured. 

Finally, if you want another challenge, have a go at some chinese art work linked to the New Year.

Finishing off – Have a look back through the blog and see what you need to finish off. Perhaps you need to describe Beowulf or make an Anglo Saxon necklace. Maybe you want to complete another challenge from Wellbeing Wednesday. If you have nothing to complete – it is onto the Friday Treat.

Friday Treat – Two to choose from today, if neither takes your fancy….feel free to make your own fun, you deserve it!

Have a lovely weekend – please let your grown ups have a well deserved rest – they need it!!! Mrs A

Home Learning – Friday 5.2.21

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