Wow Class 3, it’s the final week of Spring 1. Looking back it certainly hasn’t been the half term I expected back in the first week of January but I can honestly say I am so proud of you – you have all worked so hard!

For the last week before half term, we are going to do things a little differently. We are going to focus our afternoon work and all day Thursday and Friday on our theme so we can complete our work on the Anglo Saxons and start to look at the Vikings. We also plan to take advantage of a special event that the Jorvik Centre are planning later in the week – we hope it will all be fun!

A couple of advance warnings for the week…Wednesday – you will need some pieces of fabric to design outfits. Thursday – If you are in school you will need to come dressed in warm clothes and everyone (at home and at school) will need some cardboard to make shield/helmets. (I thought it would help by telling you in advance)

Right, onto today!

Daily Timetable

  1. Spellings/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme

Today’s Challenges

Spelling A final spelling pattern for the half term, another way of making the ‘shun’ spelling pattern, this time – ‘tion’. Again there are lots of words that use this spelling pattern so we will just explore it rather than learn the words for a test. I have added some examples below, can you use these words in sentences? Don’t forget your neat joined handwriting and correct punctuation.

Next, lets have another go at whack-a-mole, last week this game was very popular in school. This time look out for the ‘tion’ words

Phonics – So, we have covered ‘a, e,i, and o’ now so this week we need to look at the final long vowel sound ‘u’. We already know ‘oo’ makes the ‘u’ sound but ‘ue’, ‘ew’ and ‘u_e’ also make this sound. Have a watch of the Mr Thorne video below that explores ‘ew’

Next, have a look at the forest phonics website and have a practise using the ‘ew’ sound.

English – Your drawings and descriptions of Beowulf last week were brilliant. Today we are going to look at the final part of the Beowulf story. Before we start, I would like you to make a prediction, the end of the second part ended with this image…

Who do you think this could be? What do you think is going to happen next? Discuss your prediction with a grown up. Watch the video below of me reading the whole story or click on the link for the final part of the BBC version of the story

For the first part of your English work today, I would like you to complete your story map to show the final part of the story. If you do not have your story map or have run out of space – you could complete the sequencing activities on seesaw, or you are welcome to complete both!

Maths – Back to weight, today we are going to look at comparing different measurements and converting between grams and kilograms.

Start by watching this video of the Chuckle Brothers (I used to love watching them when I was little – If you don’t know who they are ask your parents!)

Just like the Chuckle Brothers did, I would like you to do some converting of grams and kilograms also linked to fruit. Have a look at the sheet below (also on seesaw) can you work in both grams and kilograms to complete the table? Remember

Image result for 1kg = 1000g clipart

Don’t worry if you can’t manage all of the items in the table – just do what you can…

Theme – Today we are going to be archaeologists and historians, we are going to explore a site called ‘Sutton Hoo’. To start with have a read of the information below to find out where and what Sutton Hoo is.

So, we know that remains were found there, but there was no body. Your challenge today is examine the artefacts that were found and decide who they may have belonged to. Was the person rich or poor? Were they old or young? I would like you to look at the artefacts and make some decisions. I have added the artefacts and some questions to answer to seesaw to help with your ideas – you can either answer these or display your findings as a piece of writing, pictures or a video. Maybe you could make a video as if you were live from the scene reporting on what had been found.

Here are the artefacts for you to explore….

This website may also be helpful to click through and read the information with a grown up. It gives you more information about the burial site and helps you to decide if it was a site belonging to a soldier, king or monk.

I look forward to seeing how you present your information to show me who was buried there.

Have a lovely day x

Home Learning – Monday 8.2.21

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