Morning Class 3, I must start with one word….SNOW!!!….well done to everyone who enjoyed the snow and also got some work done – no worries if you didn’t get much work done – I will forgive you!! By the look of the photos you all had so much fun – and that is very important! Have a look for yourself…

Such fab photos guys! I have included Maisie and Matilda’s little snowman – the one with the red scarf – don’t you think he is cute!!!

Right, onto today…as I explained yesterday, I have not posted any maths today as the English task may take you quite a while, so just guided reading, English and some more theme work today…go get busy!

Today’s Timetable

  1. Guided Reading
  2. English
  3. Theme

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – After all your amazing work yesterday linked to runes, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about them. Have a read of this information and then answer the questions about it.

English – So, yesterday we all worked hard on designing and describing our hero and monster for our own myth stories. Today I would like you to write your story. First use the planning sheet to jot down your ideas.

Next, talk through your story with a grown up, using the story mountain below. We often do this in school to help us order our ideas. The problem would be when the monster does something bad and the resolution would be when your hero sorts it all out – you need to think carefully about how it all happens in between!

Image result for story mountain

Then get busy writing. Remember to think about paragraphs and punctuation. Hopefully you can include some of the grammar work we have been doing on a Friday within your work.

I had a quick go at writing my own story. I decided to set my story in a forest. My ‘monster’ is a big bad mouse and my ‘hero’ an owl. Here is my plan….

And here is my story. I have added notes to show you where each part of the story mountain fits in. Have a read of mine to help you a little more.

Please don’t worry if your story isn’t perfect, in school we would have spent a little more time on it but due to battle day and half term we have simply run out of time. – Just try your best and I look forward to reading your stories.

Parents – If you think a story may be a step too far, please complete it as a story map or cartoon in order to still allow your child to explain their fab ideas.

Theme – So, from our runes task yesterday, you now know that tomorrow will be BATTLE DAY. Your challenge this afternoon is to find out about what the Anglo Saxons and Vikings wore and then design an outfit for them. You can either design an outfit for yourself (and even wear it tomorrow!) or make one for a doll or figure (such as a Barbie doll or action figure)

The following websites will be useful for finding out what they wore. A simple google image search will also give you lots of ideas.

I have included a template on seesaw incase you want to use it to plan your design.

We had a quick go at the weekend and this was our finished outfit.

Remember to check before cutting up material – ours was only made from a pair of pants! I can’t wait to see your designs and I am even more excited to see if you wear them yourselves on Thursday!

Have a lovely day. Mrs A

Home Learning – Wednesday 10.2.21

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