Morning Class 3, I hope you all managed to enjoy the snow yesterday in between your school work! We had fun outside at playtime and I had fun after school with a spot of sledging with my girls. If there is more snow this morning, please do find some time to enjoy it – we don’t get it very often! Maybe you could complete your theme task in the snow!

Looking at yesterday’s work – Well done for all your work on Sutton Hoo – you were very good historians and archaeologists to discover the artefacts belonged to King Raedwald.

Right onto today…

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spellings/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – Some more practise of our spelling pattern ‘tion’ to start the day today. Can you find all the words in the wordsearch? (click on ‘tion’ on the right hand side)

Can you complete the crossword using ‘tion’ words? (saved on seesaw)

I have also added some ‘tion’ words to purple mash if you want to practise some more.

Phonics – More work on the long vowel ‘u’ sound today. To start with have a watch of Mr Thorne exploring the split digraph ‘u_e’

Next, can you make your way through the maze only clicking on the long vowel ‘u’ sounds. Remember to read each word to see if it makes the ‘oo’ sound (for example blew) or the ‘u’ sound (for example push)

English – So, now we all know the story of Beowulf. It is the story of a hero who overcomes bad and saves the people. Today I would like you design your own hero and monster to then write your own story using these new characters tomorrow. Just to make it a little easier, your story does not need to be set in Anglo Saxon times and can if you wish be set in modern day. I would like you to draw both of your characters and write some words around them. Think about the following questions to help you with your ideas…

I can’t wait to see your ideas…I wonder if anyone will star as the hero in their own story?

Maths – This will be our last lesson on weight as tomorrow I thought I would just set guided reading and English in order for you to have enough time to write your stories. I thought we would complete some problem solving linked to adding and subtracting different weights. I have saved the questions on seesaw. Remember to read them carefully, don’t worry if you cannot complete them all, they do get trickier as they go through – good luck!

Theme – Today we are going to explore Anglo Saxon Runes. Runes were letters used by the Saxons to write short messages of ownership, like “This belongs to Beowulf” or messages on gravestones for example, ‘Here lies Grendal’

Here is one copy of the runes, often they are found looking slightly different, why do you think this could be?

Today we are going to carry out some activities using them. First of all I would like you to solve this message…It will give you a clue about what we have planned for Thursday…

Next, I would like you to write your own name using the runes. You could draw it straight onto a piece of paper or if you wanted to be a little more creative, you could make your own set of runes out of pieces of paper, match sticks, pieces of wood or even stones and write a different rune on each one. You could then use them to create your name.

Image result for anglo saxon runes images on stones

After that, can you write me a secret message to solve. I will post a few of them on the blog on Thursday or Friday for us all to solve.

Have a great day. Mrs A

Home Learning – Tuesday 9.2.21

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