An amazing start to the half term yesterday guys – well done! I guess you will have heard the news that we have a date to return to school – only 9 school days of home learning to go! I look forward to seeing you all back in school soon, all I ask is that you continue with the hard work until then – you all all doing so well!!

Right, let’s get busy with today…

Today’s Timetable

  1. Spelling/Phonics
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Design and Technology
  5. Music

Today’s Challenges

Spelling – I loved your silly sentences yesterday, Mrs Gell and I had lots of fun reading them in school. Here are some of our favourites….

This then led to an interesting fact….Mrs Gell has met Boris Johnson!!! Here is the proof….

Anyway, back to spelling! To start with this morning, I have saved the spelling pattern quiz on purple mash for ‘cian’. Remember to change the timer to 10/20/30 seconds – this spelling pattern is tricky! Next, can you complete the crack the code words saved on seesaw?

Phonics – Today we will focus on writing using our long vowel sounds. Choose a word from the list, can you write this word into a sentence? Then choose another word. Can you write another sentence to continue your writing using this new word. How many words can you include? Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

For example….One day an ape made a cake on his stove. He used fruit and ice and a leaf. After 10 minutes in the stove it turned into a pie not a cake!

English – Fab work yesterday looking at a range of leaflets from theme parks. Today, I would like you to look closely at one theme park map of your choice and see if you can find some more different features of information texts on it. I have uploaded the maps to seesaw again so you can use the text box tool to add labels to show the features. (unfortunately the image quality isn’t great on some of them, sorry)

Which of the following features can you find?

Your finished work might look something like this…

Maths – Today we are going to work again on telling the time and making sure we can tell the time accurately. I have added three different activities to seesaw, one focussing on telling the time using hour/half past/quarter past/to, one to the nearest 5 minutes and the other one practising to the nearest minute – I would like you to choose your own starting point today like we sometimes do in class. Remember to use your clock to help you.

Design and Technology – After all our fab art work on brooches and necklaces, we are now going to move onto our technology unit for the term – textiles. I thought we would begin by looking at a skill that the Vikings used – weaving. The Vikings used weaving to make their clothes, sails for their ships, decorations for their houses, blankets, bags and more.

To start with have a watch of the video below. Then talk with a grown up about the materials you could use at home.

If you haven’t got any wool, ribbon or ripped up pieces of fabric also work well.

If you have not got any thick card or wool, you could try one of the ideas below using paper or items from outside.

I can’t wait to see what you create – have fun!

Music – If you have time, some music to end the day – the next lesson on duration – enjoy

Have a great day x

Home Learning – Tuesday 23.2.21

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