Wow Class 3 – over 120 pieces of work submitted yesterday – you were on FIRE!! Fantastic work guys – well done – this bitmoji is definitely appropriate!! Right let’s get busy with some more fantastic work today….I think you will all enjoy our English task today! Go get started!!

Daily Timetable

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Science
  4. French
  5. Wellbeing

Today’s Challenges

EnglishNow we know what features are needed for an information leaflet/map, your next challenge is to design your own map…for the theme park below…

Today I would like you to design a map for the theme park….you will need to think carefully about the rides, the different areas that make up the theme park, the food outlets and things such as toilets, first aid and the shops. Remember the theme park is named ‘Viking World’, what links can you make to the Vikings and what rides can you invent to link to the theme?

Your map might look something like this…

Please only do your map today. Tomorrow we will focus on the leaflet about Viking World. I can’t wait to see what rides you include!

Maths – Today we will continue to look at telling the time. To help us we have an Oak Academy lesson to watch. Please watch carefully and pause when asked. I have also added some clocks to seesaw for you to work on. If you wanted to complete a different set of questions from yesterday, please do so, they are still set as activities on seesaw. Telling the time can be a tricky concept to grasp – so keep practising!

Science – This half term in Science, we are going to move onto explore Sound. To start with we are going to explore how sounds are created. Let’s start by watching this video…

Next, I thought it would be fun to carry out some experiments to see and feel how the vibrations work, discuss with an adult at home which you can complete depending on what equipment you have at home…

1. Dancing rice/sprinkles

2. Coathanger vibration test

3. Create your own kazoo

4. Make a bottle orchestra – explore what happens when you blow over the top of the bottles containing different amounts of water.

I can’t wait to see what experiments you choose and what you find out.

French – Another fab French lesson from Mrs Platten today….Everything you need to know today is on the video below, so when you are ready, get watching! You will need to watch right to the very end of the video if you want the answers to the first two activities!

Finally I am going to read you a traditional tale that you will be very familiar with in English. In fact, if you have siblings in Foundation Stage or Class Two, they looked at this story before half term in science and English too. It is the tale of the Three Little Pigs. There is no activity for this video, I just thought it would be a nice way to end our mini-theme on animals and you will be able to see how the French is written as well as spoken. ‘La marmite’ does definitely not mean the same thing as in English!


Wellbeing – A really simple one to end the day today, I would like you to post a selfie of yourself on seesaw!? Please try to do it by the end of Friday as I hope to do something with them next week!

Have a great day!!

Home Learning – Wednesday 24.2.21

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