Good Morning Class 3, I thought today’s Bitmoji was appropriate after all your fantastic theme park designs. I hope you all enjoyed getting a little creative for our English lesson – you have another challenge today linked to all your fab ideas. We also have some more work on time, a bit more work on Vikings and a PE session to end the day – I hope you enjoy – go get busy!!

Daily Timetable

  1. Guided Reading
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme
  5. PE

Today’s Challenges

Guided Reading – For Guided Reading today, I thought we would use a leaflet for a place to visit as it will help us with the English task below. Have a read of the information about Creepy Crags and then answer the questions linked to the text. Both the questions and the leaflet are saved on seesaw.

English – I absolutely loved your maps and ideas yesterday – I definitely think we have some budding theme park designers in Class 3! Today I would like you to make a leaflet to go with your map to tell people about the park and what is on offer. Because this is quite a big task – please spend time today and tomorrow completing it if necessary. I would like you to include headings and subheadings, bullet points and pictures. Have a watch of this video for some useful hints and tips…

Also use the leaflet from the guided reading task to magpie ideas – You might want to include quotes from visitors and details about the rides like they did.

You might even want to include offers like the ones below…

I can’t wait to see your finished leaflets tomorrow.

Maths – Today we are going to move onto look at digital time. Firstly, have a look at these slides.

Lets have a go ourselves…Click on this link and have an explore of the digital and analogue times,

Can you set the clock you made or the clock on the link to the following digital times….

Next, can you match up these cards?

Finally, I have added a further activity to seesaw. Go get practising!

Theme – I thought today we would have a look at timelines linked to the Vikings. Can you remember what a timeline is? We worked on them linked to wind turbines in Autumn Term and you also made some fab timelines about your own lives at the start of Spring Term. Today I would like you to make your own Viking timeline. Have a look at the events below. Can you put them in order to create a timeline? The pictures are saved on seesaw if you want to print them out but don’t feel you have to, you could just write them down and draw your own pictures.

PE – Something to get active with to end the day today. Try a PE session with Mr Dineen…make sure you have a drink handy…go for it!

Have a lovely day!

Home Learning – Thursday 25.2.21

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