Well Class 3, we have made it to half term! We have been so busy, setting routines, learning new things and building our team – I am so proud of everyone of you!

This week we have finished writing some amazing letters in the role of ‘Lenny’ from our English text, ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, we have worked hard on adding BIG numbers using column addition and completed some brilliant work to explore colour for our whole school art week.

Homework – After half term we are going to continue our work on World War 2 and explore rationing. For homework, over the holidays, I would like you to try out a recipe used during WW2. Read and discuss the recipes with an adult and see which you think will be tastiest!

(Recipes are also posted on seesaw if you are struggling to open the pdf)

It would be great if you could include photographs of your making process and the finished products! I can’t wait to see what you choose to create!

If non of these take your fancy, for an extra challenge, maybe you could search the internet for a recipe of your own.

Posters Food Rationing Ww2, Cliparts & Cartoons - Jing.fm

Have a brilliant half term – if you need an idea for a day out, Eden Camp is a fab place to explore and extend your learning.

Enjoy Halloween, stay safe! Mrs A

Half Term Round-Up and Homework (22.10.21)

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