Well done to everyone who completed their rationing recipes – your finished products looked very yummy – I wonder how many of you cleaned up afterwards!!

I loved this photo of Josh and the concentration on his face – I must say his Cottage Pie looked so well presented at the end – it could have been served in a restaurant!!

This week in Maths, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have explored the number of sides, corners, faces, edges and vertices.

For homework this week I would like you to see what shapes you can find around your home or outside and take some photographs/do some drawings. Can you then label them to tell me the name and the properties of the shape?

Perhaps you could go one step further and make some 3D shapes with things around your home? Have a look at the ideas below. I can wait to see what you an create. Remember to label all your shapes and their properties and upload your work to seesaw for us all to share.

I wonder if you will see any shapes in the sky from the fireworks you might watch – if you do go to firework display or a bonfire have fun and stay safe!

Mrs A

Homework – 5.11.21

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