This week Class 3 have LOVED reading more of The Secret of Black Rock. The suspense and excitement could be felt through the classroom as we found out the fate of Erin and how Black Rock woke up!!!

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We decided that after such an eventful day, Erin would possibly go home and write it all down in a diary. So, next we found out about the features of a diary. The children worked so well in groups to identify the different features.

I think we are definitely ready to write our diaries in the role of Erin…I hope to post some online soon!


For Homework this week, I would like you to write your own diary entry. It could be about an event from the weekend, something you have done after school or from a day at school. Can you use some of the features we talked about?

Remember to post your diary on seesaw so we can share some in class. Happy writing!

Diary Entries (+ Homework)

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